Pouncing Straw Men

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There's been a noticeable trend occurring among national media outlets lately that when they're forced to report negative news on their "progressive" heroes, they can't help but take a swipe at conservatives.

Perhaps the most recent (and arguably most blatant) example has to do with the "hate crime" hoax involving black gay actor Jussie Smollett. When political righties had the audacity to suggest that Smollett's account had more holes in it than Ronnie Milsap and Jose Feliciano after a game of lawn darts (h/t Dennis Miller), they were basically tarred as ignoramuses trying to normalize hate. So when it was confirmed that Smollett likely staged the whole thing, many conservatives had a right to come off as indignant after having their worldview maligned. In response, many of those same media outlets put on par with Smollett's lies the conservatives expressing giddiness or indulging in schadenfreude (i.e. conservatives pounced).

But what if there is no actual conservative "seizing" or "pouncing?" Fear not, they've got it covered.

Last month when a nearly decade old video of freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez surfaced showing her dancing gleefully, the majority of righty commentators rolled their eyes wondering why it was the least bit newsworthy. Some even commented that it actually normalized her, even making her likeable. So how did leftist periodical Newsweek characterize the conservative response? "A bid to embarrass Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has backfired." But if you click the link to the Newsweek story, they don't show one instance of any high profile righty criticizing AOC over it. Y'see, it appeared to be little more than an orchestrated attempt to paint conservatives as petty tyrants who are scared of this proggie darling's star power. That is what actually backfired.

Then most recently there was a report which came out about 20-year old Malia Obama, daughter of President Barack Obama, sipping on some wine as well as having a personal Facebook page which showed her disdain for President Trump. Again, it was only trending on Twitter because most people (including and especially conservatives) reacted with a collective "who gives a s--t?"

Ah, but this was indicative of the leftist reaction to the mythical righty outrage:

Again, no. First off, the response to Kavanaugh's underage drinking was that it shouldn't disqualify him from the U.S. Supreme Court because something that happened 35 years earlier did not appear to be a deterrent to him becoming a respected adult member of society. And secondly, there was zero corroborating evidence that he ever raped anybody. So leftists not only build straw men but they also shamelessly look to revise history.

Secondly, leftists must also believe that we conservatives are still the uptight, stuff-shirts of the Reagan years. The truth is no one credible displayed any outrage over a young lady indulging in alcohol less than one year away from being able to legally consume such beverages. Oh, and the fact she has animosity towards a president who is a) in the opposite political party to her and b) working to undue her father's legacy as POTUS? It would only be newsworthy if Malia showed even tacit approval towards Trump.

Amazing, isn't it? Conservatives at large are often accused of being intolerant, racist, xenophoic, bullying, etc., yet all too often there are stories flat out fabricating incidents where these traits are a factor. So if indeed said traits are so pervasive, one wouldn't have to concoct stories highlighting them, would they?