Our first ever – attempted coup d’ etat

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"Time to clean house and take back our government as well as our country. Send these socialists packing, and build the gallows for the participants in the failed coup. Now is the time."

"In the history of this country, this is the closest we have ever come to a coup." Who said that? Some right wing nut job? No - a lifelong Democrat named Alan Dershowitz. He said it last night on TV. I heard him say it. Let that statement sink in for just a minute. He was addressing what Andrew McCabe confessed to on national TV. High echelons of the FBI and Justice Department were going to use the 25th Amendment (inappropriately) to remove a sitting President. It was chilling, to say the least.
McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, Ohr, Strock, Page, and on and on and on. They are all dirty, all of them. Might I now quote Obama's former pastor? "The chickens are coming home to roost." What McCabe admitted to was only the first step. As chilling as the word "coup" is in our lexicon, the fact that either (or both) the Obama'a Administration and Clinton's campaign team "put their finger on the scale of the election", was equally as disturbing. Like, what happened to our democratic process?
Like many on my side - no, forget that. Like many citizens and patriots in this country, we want to see people swing for what has just happened in our country. This was a major breach. It cannot, nor will not, be remedied by a simple slap on the wrist. There is dirt here, mixed in with the sewer of corruption which needs to be cleaned out. Not only cleaned out, but fumigated afterwards. No honest American would think otherwise.
Why the Republicans did not dig into these people when they had control of the House, is way beyond me. But those days are now over, and the chances of Ms. Nancy doing anything is about as remote as having a blizzard in Miami. Why? She and Chuckie are also part of this cabal. Hopefully, our new AG Barr will act like a real AG (for a change) and kick some ass.
Somebody (I wish I could remember who) said months ago that when the wraps finally start to come off this thing, it will make Watergate look like a parking ticket. I believe that to be true. How so, some might ask?
In Watergate, there really was no "Puppet Master". Sure, Nixon took the fall, because he did something stupid by trying to cover up this needless and botched robbery. As any historian will tell you, Watergate was not so much the crime - it was the cover up. In this case however, there is a "Puppet Master". And this "Puppet Master", is high up in the food chain. How high up? Maybe as high as the man who lived in the High Castle.
Republicans - yes, I am taking to you. RINOs - you can go back to sleep. This is the time for you to rediscover your conservative roots. Some already have - many have not. Right now, we basically have Donald Trump. Period. He is doing all the heavy lifting. Taking all the incoming fire. The table could be set right now for a historic comeback in 2020 if Republicans once again discovered their testicles and started acting like the adults in the room.
Folks - please take this one very seriously. For a life long Democrat like Dershowitz to get rattled over this, means this is serious. Time to clean house, and take back our government as well as our country. Send these socialists packing, and build the gallows for the guilty. Guilty? Yes, the participants in the failed coup. Now is the time.