What is wrong with these people!!!!!

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"The real danger however, comes from this failed coup. It comes from the socialists. The America haters."

They are beyond nuts. Beyond goofy. Beyond idiots. No, there is something very sinister going on here. Someone put a meme on social media yesterday, which summed things up. It showed the President saying he supports oxygen - it is good to breathe. Then came a picture of the average socialist - with a plastic bag over his head. He wanted nothing to do with oxygen. If Trump says good, the socialist democrats say bad. Even if it kills the economy. Destroys the country.
No - thanks to AOC, the Barbie Doll, and a host of other socialists, the mask is finally off. They don't even pretend anymore. Dan Crenshaw (a hero of mine) is quoted as saying (paraphrased), "The fact the New Green Deal does not want carbon free nuclear energy, shows the real motive - they want to destroy our economy and replace it with something socialist." Bingo. They HATE our country. Why? You will have to ask them.
Because Amazon just pulled out of the deal to build their new headquarters in New York, should have been a punch in the gut for NYC. But not to AOC. She celebrated it. She is a resident of New York. She thought it was good, this large capitalist company would go someplace else. Many of the jobs in the headquarters would have paid $150K and up. Is AOC really that stupid. No - there is something else at work here.
How about the border? Is there any reason on God's green Earth, that ANY sane person would oppose a barrier to help keep drugs, trafficking, MS-13, illegals and so forth out of our country? The answer should be NO!!!! But - right after the President will declare a national emergency to have the barrier built (since the Congress is incapable of doing its job), Schumer and Pelosi are going to go judge shopping to stop him. In other words, they would rather have our country overrun with criminals and drugs, that to keep the citizens safe. They want our country destroyed.
Here is the irony. For two years now, with the help of some very corrupt FBI higher ups, a phony Russian collusion has been alleged. That our President was in cahoots with the "Bear". Such a collusion would have been a danger to our country. As we know by now, that was all a canard. It was a failed coup. It was THE BIG LIE. The real danger however, comes from this failed coup. It comes from the socialists. The America haters.
Patriots and citizens - we now have a clear and present danger from within. From our Left. They have gone from annoying, to an out and out danger. They will kill this country, and feel good by doing it. It is time friends. It is time for the oath keepers to remember their oaths.