Rediscovering our grass roots….

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"To me, the biggest motivators for us to rally to victory are AOC and Omar. These are only the first two in a long line of side shows who are just waiting to get elected."

Many of us are still licking our wounds from the 2018 election. For some, it was like getting sucker punched. For others, they could see this coming like a low hanging fast ball. In any event, it happened - and some of us are struggling to do a post mortem on this corpse called the MN GOP. Like, how in the world, when we had the best slate of candidates running for state offices EVER, could we get skunked by a bunch of misfits, progressives, and side shows. How?
First off, we need to face facts.
Fact One: The Democrats are more motivated to have power over us, than we are to have a free state. Thus, they are better at fundraising (in state, out state, and special interests), and organizing. This past election, they out raised the Republicans by ten fold or more. Also, while we have become wrapped around the axle with doing purity tests on each other, Democrats always rally around very flawed candidates. Case in point - Keith Ellison.
Fact Two: There are now 50,000 people living in downtown Minneapolis. This number just adds to the amazing amount of blue votes which come out of Hennepin and Ramsey counties. Looking at the demographics from the last election, if we could have erased those two counties, this state would be red as a cherry right now. But it is not. Due to the large influx of homegrown as well as imported socialists, progressives and old style Democrats, we are instead a deep blue state. And many live in Hennepin and Ramsey. Sadly, that is true.
Fact Three: Our grassroots organization system has become feckless and useless. I have told this tale before. In 2016, my wife and I were conveners for our precinct on caucus night. We had 104 people show up. In the class room next to us (a neighboring precinct), they had 140. Bottom line - thousands of people showed up for caucus night. But that is where the story ends. At BOPU meetings, only a small fraction of eligible voters show up. That is a HUGE problem going forward. The BPOU is the grass roots system we need to cultivate to achieve victory.
Fact Two we can't do anything about. Fact One we can improve on, by cutting down on purity tests and getting better on this whole fundraising thing. Fact Three however, is the one we can really improve on. How? First, we all need to recognize we need to do better. With the extreme tilt our federal and state governments developed after this last election, each BPOU meeting should now be full to the rafters. So, how do we change the current paradigm? Stay tuned.
To me, the biggest motivators for us to rally to victory are AOC and Omar. These are only the first two idiots in a long line of side shows who are just waiting to get elected. They are committed to ruining our country. To changing our country. To have absolute control over us. In 2020, we need to not only retain Donald Trump as President, but also kick Ms. Nancy out of the Speaker's chair. Then "clean House".
It all starts in the BPOU folks. Call it a BPOU or a Senate District - it really does not matter. It is the grassroots. This is step one in taking back our country. Confused as to which Senate District you belong in? Easy to find on the internet. Use the SOS office web site. Or message me. I will help you. Let's get this done.