Unfit to serve

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"This country is under attack right now from within. These nut balls want to open your borders, kill your children, legalize all kinds of crime, destroy our economy, and liquidate the State of Israel."

Those of us who have been in the armed services know this to be true. The worst thing a person could hear from a higher up, is you are unfit to serve. That is an "ouch" like no other. Once you are deemed to be unfit to serve, your unceremonious exit from the service is usually close behind. And that - you carry with you for the rest of your life.
We seem to have a whole gaggle of folks in this Congress who are unfit to serve. Not by a little bit - by a lotta bit. And of course, the once proud state of Minnesota has produced its own nut ball. A woman who (allegedly) committed immigration fraud, by marrying her brother to get into this country. Huh? Has that allegation been fully vetted? Nope. Seems she has some Teflon coating due to her refugee status and religion.
Of course we also have the potty mouth from Michigan who also is Teflon coated. Who else, could get away with calling our President a "M-F". Again, protected by her refugee status and religion. Just imagine some Republican had done that to Obama. That Republican would have been tarred an feathered, then run out of town on a rail. But white, Christian men have no Teflon coating. In fact, it is usually open game on them by the Loons on the Left.
How about those in any form of government who loudly advocate third and fourth trimester abortions? Are they fit to serve? HELL NO, they are not! Then how in the world can they get away with what they are advocating? The killing of our children? How? They have been brainwashed by the Party of Death. Co-opted, into thinking a baby is no more than a tumor. A baby is not a gift from God, but an inconvenience to be gotten rid of. Like I say, these people are unfit to serve.
Just look at the people who have already signed up to be candidates for President from the Democrat side. I have seen more talent in the cast of the F Troop. These people, many who are either unfit to serve, or just marginally fit, want to lead this nation? Really? This would be Hillary Clinton, deja vu. Not one of these morons, including Amy hot dish, would I trust with the nuclear football. Imagine if Omar was our President. She would nuke Israel, just for kicks and giggles.
Ladies and gentlemen of the norm - please be advised. This country is under attack right now from within. These nut balls want to open your borders, kill your children, legalize all kinds of crime, give anyone (legal or otherwise) the right to vote, destroy our economy, and liquidate the State of Israel. And they are doing under the hideous guise of PC madness.
You may think the warnings from the citizens and patriots are shrill and full of histrionics. But they are not. In my view, the warning sirens and bells should be going off at 150 decibels. We need to CLEAN HOUSE! Get rid of these misfits, before they ruin the country. Recall them, impeach them - whatever. I don't know if we can afford to wait until 2020 to vote them out. And that in my opinion - is nothing more than hard, cold fact.