The shaming of our shrews…

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"Do I feel animus towards this woman? No more than any other Democrat phony or hack. And have no doubt - she is a phony and a hack. And a shrew."

Years ago in high school, I was in a play called Kiss me Kate. This play written by Cole Porter, was about a theater troop tying to put on the Shakespearean play, The Taming of the Shrew. It was great fun, and the lead female actress in the troop who was to play the role of the Shrew, was quite a shrew herself. That play came to mind yesterday, when famous Amos (aka Amy Klobuchar) made her snowy announcement.
Do I feel animus towards this woman? No more than any other Democrat phony or hack. And have no doubt - she is a phony and a hack. And a shrew. If there is one modicum of truth in the stories of how she handled and harassed her staff, both as a senator as well as when she was AG in Minnesota, she is absolutely a shrew. And our highest office is no place for a shrew. Ask Hillary Clinton - another shrew. The country showed her the door long before she stepped foot in the Oval Office as the Commander in Chief.
By now, some sharp proof readers think I made a mistake in the title. I said "shews" instead of just shrew. It was no mistake. That is because there are more than one shrews. In fact, there are many in this state. All reside within the Party of Death. How about our Barbie Doll from the 5th? The one who is letting her true colors show more and more. This is a woman who HATES the Jewish people as well as the Jewish State of Israel. And now she is in our Congress. She is a hateful young woman, with a tattered background, little education, and (God forbid) - a security clearance.
How about our other Senator? The one who was a big deal in our state's Planned Parenthood? I wonder how she feels about third and fourth trimester abortions? I am guessing just fine, as she has been very silent on the New York or Virginia issues. To me, on an issue like deaths by murder of our most innocent, silence in consent. Let me say that one more time. WHEN IT COMES TO ABORTION, NO MATTER WHICH TRIMESTER, SILENCE IS CONSENT.
By the way, when the women from the Party of Death say they represent all Minnesotans, that is crap. When they say they care for all Minnesotans, that is also crap. Be it Angie Craig, Betty McCollum, Ilhan Omar, Tina Smith, or Amy Klobuchar, they are all the same. Like they were stamped by the same cookie cutter. Seldom if ever, a mention of our deity. But - always a mention of how Gaia is being wounded by "man-made" global warming. Never a word about the miracle of birth, but always cast iron support for the killing of a fetus. For this alone, they are all shrews.
There is an old statement - "We get the government we deserve." Minnesota, do you really think we deserve this bunch? I don't. Minnesota is better than that - or are we? Maybe the state has been co-opted by the dark side, like California and New York have been. If that is the case, maybe it is time for the good folks to leave, and not look back. After all, the good folks don't deserve to be turned into pillars of salt.