Control Freaks

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"Freedom loving people, please listen up. These control freaks are for real. They are coming for your freedoms. They want total dominion over your life."

If I were to declare this morning, that I was going to instruct all of you on how to live your lives, I dare say not too many would be happy. For example, if I dictated, what to eat, when to sleep, what to do in the daytime, and even when to go to the bathroom. Most would tell be to pound sand, right before hitting the "unfriend" button. But folks - that is what is happening right now. We have legions of statists, globally, all the way down to locally, dying to control your life. I wish this were a joke or a parable, but it is not.
Anyone remember Agenda 21? That is the mandate from the master global control freak - better known as the United Nations. Remember the UN? The organization who had one time had the charter of ensuring world peace? Since they are useless at keeping tin horn dictators from popping up all over the place, from keeping Russia and China in check, they have devolved into simple social engineering. Global redistribution of wealth and resources, and crapola such as that.
Part of Agenda 21 is developing Sustainable Development Goals. There are 17 of them, which cover everything from totally equality for everyone on the planet, to each family having a unicorn in the back yard (okay - I am kidding about the last one). I encourage each of you to read through these 17 goals some time. The main theme is making everything equal, by making the playing field level. Since there is not enough tea in China to make every country have the lifestyle of the US, the US would have to ratchet down its life style a bit - like to the early 1900's. This is what our massive dues to the UN are paying for.
If you live in the United States, we have the Green New Deal (GND) being discussed right now. Forget Agenda 21 - this puppy will not put us back to the early 1900's, it will take us back to the stone age. I would like to say this plan is nutty, but that is an insult to nuts.
Most of us by now have read some of the low lights of what the statists and socialists have in mind for us in the GND. It will be utopia, but - you will not have a choice - all will be mandated to join in. Each of us may sit by a pond and write poetry, if that is your heart's desire. Nobody has to work. Healthcare, education, and rent will be free. No more climate change, as we will have dumped planes, trains and automobiles. AND (this is the big one) - no more water problems. We will be recycling our urine for coffee, orange juice, or whatever. Fred Flintstone -here we come!
Finally, if you are blessed enough to live in Minneapolis, you also will have Thrive 2040 telling you how to live. Not just how to live, but where to live. Like vertical. The city planners have this all worked out. We will no longer be citizens of a large city - we will be lab rats. We will be told what to eat, how to transport, how many kids to have (if any), how many square feet we have to live in, the temperature we can keep those square feet at, and so forth. Is this Brave New World? No, this is much, much darker.
Freedom loving people, please listen up. These control freaks are for real. They are coming for your freedoms. They want total dominion over your life. You might as well be living your life like a human battery, as in the Matrix. The most important thing ALL can do right now is PAY ATTENTION! These nut balls have YOU in their sights.
Freedom is not free. Someone is always willing to relieve you of your freedoms. Look around. These freedom grabbers are all over the place. Be aware, Be vigilant, Be prepared.