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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

If this law passes, you will be able to march down to the County Recorder and pay $46 to have them record your Affidavit of Virtue.
Well, that’s not the exact title. It’s called “Discharge of Restrictive Covenant Affecting Protected Classes.” It has no legal effect. Restrictive covenants which discriminate against protected classes already are unenforceable, but by recording this form you can proclaim to the world that unenforceable restrictive covenants on your land are now double-plus-ungood. You and your virtuous neighbors might want to put up lawn signs, get t-shirts printed, have block parties. You could invite city council members and legislators to attend and congratulate you on your virtue.
In addition, I suspect the newspapers will publish names of people who have signaled their virtue by recording these forms, and also the names of racist, hateful curmudgeons like me who won’t spring $46 to record a document that does absolutely nothing. So you’ll have that going for you.
I can hardly wait.
Joe Doakes

Sort of a like a PC loyalty oath.