The Democrats’ Pelosi problem

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When President Trump ended the shutdown, Democrats crowed that Pelosi had stood up to the bully and defeated him. I won’t pretend that she didn’t defeat him in this round. I’m with Kevin McCullough, though, who insists that Democrats have a long-term problem:

To see leftwing activists so eagerly cheer the defeat (even temporarily) of some of the most broad-based (and in many instances—Democrat initiated) objectives as it pertains to common sense border security was disheartening.

Why Congressional and Senate Democrats would refuse the opportunity to take partial credit of creating an orderly border process is mystifying. Especially so when 78%-90% of Americans seek tougher border measures. Most of whom also believe that a border barrier is a key component to the multi-lateral security strategy.

Democrats have a spine problem. They don’t have one when it comes to standing up to Pelosi. Democrats insist that they elected a bunch of moderates in 2018. That’s BS. They’re moderates when Pelosi doesn’t need their votes. If she needs their votes, then they’re as far left as she needs them to be.

Why didn’t Seth Moulton or Tim Ryan challenge Pelosi? A: They’re spineless. My point is simple. Until Democrats stand up to Ms. Pelosi, they’ll be a far left party. I don’t care how many so-called moderates they elect. With her at the top, they’re a far left party.

The hard left has such hooks into the party’s base that they have literally forced leadership to completely abandon policy that they supported under President Obama. Remember in 2013 Senator Schumer got the entire Democrat caucus to vote in lock step approval for a $40 billion border security package that included upwards of $8 billion in building additional miles of barriers

Democrats worry more about what Tom Steyer says than what their constituents say or what’s best for America. They should be punished for that in 2020.