The war on Christianity

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"But there is a tipping point which will be reached. Where God's blessing on this land will ebb, and then end. When that happens, it will be the end of America. Some can see the danger signs already."

Who in the world would have thought it could come to this? Where being a Christian is looked upon as a negative. In this country. A country which was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. And it is not just the incoming Muslims who are doing it. It is being done by a whole lot of young, white, Angelo-sexton types.
This has been coming on for years. We have seen it in the war on Christmas. "Seasons Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" instead of Merry Christmas. President Obama declared a few years ago we are "no longer a Christian country". We have seen a crucifix in a jar of urine, and then calling it art. There is a statue of Ronald McDonald, hanging on a cross - again, art. Oh, we are way past blasphemy right now. We passed that curve miles ago.
The war on Christianity, or the war on God, comes mostly from the Left. Why? They don't like the fact that God has dominion over us. Like, how dare He? So the Left has determined we don't need God anymore. Just a fairy tale anyway. But Gaia? That is real. It is okay to worship Mother Earth. It is real. We can touch it, and see it. But God? Never seen Him.
Our social mores are starting reflect our changing view of God. We can see it in how we look at cohabitation before marriage. We can see it in the ever growing number of genders. We see it in who can marry whom, or what. "Love is love", we keep hearing from the Left. With marriage, now anything goes. Dare we forget how we now treat the unborn? No longer the most innocent, just inconvenient tissue.
We also can see it in how we treat each other. Hate is replacing love in many personal relationships. Forgiveness has become an antiquated term. Basically, when we take our Christian faith out of our lives, our lives become a secular maze. No purpose, no direction.
Here is the good news. For many in this country who have shunned, ridiculed or even hated God, you are not going to be struck by lightening. God wants you back. Unlike other counterfeit religions, a relationship with God, through the Risen Christ, is the only way to true peace, joy and comfort. In other words, the only path to God. Even though many hate or have hated God, He returns that hate with love. Agape love.
But there is a tipping point which will be reached. Where God's blessing on this land will ebb, and then will cease. When that happens, it will be the end of America. Some of us can see the danger signs already. Our war on Christianity really becomes a war on ourselves. Once we totally toss God out of our country, our country will be no more.
We are in dangerous times. We are on thin ice. If ever there was a time to turn to God, it is now. If ever there was a worse time to hate or shun God, it is also now. If you are part of the war on Christianity, now is time to come back - and soon.
This is spiritual warfare on a national scale, on a global scale. The question will not be which side God is on - it will be who is on God's side. And those days are coming sooner rather than later.