The Left’s war on the Second Amendment

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"This war on our Second Amendment simply cannot be lost. Our republic is riding on it. That is not histrionics - it is pure fact."

This never seems to stop. It goes on and on and on. The Left sometimes refers to the Second Amendment as the "mistake" our Founders made. To them, it makes no sense. It just allows grown men (and now more and more women) to act like little kids, just shooting off their guns. Plus, guns are very dangerous. Every once in a while, one of these "gun nuts" goes off the rail and shoots up the joint. Sometimes a school. These guns are just killing machines. Thus speaks the Loons on the Left.
In more and more states right now, commies, socialists and other Lefties are trying to make guns obsolete. Especially to the general public. What is their best play right now? "Red Flag" laws. Theses are very, very dangerous for a free republic. Anyone, can "drop a dime" on anyone else simply by telling authorities the person they are ratting out is a danger to the community. There does not have to be one shred of truth in it. That would give the Sheriff and the courts the right to come to a person's house, and confiscate their firearms. Talk like this is even being bandied about in Minnesota this session.
Because of the dumbing down of our public education, along with the refusal of government schools to teach proper American History and Civics, young people for years have grown up not knowing a wit about why we have the Second Amendment. That is one of the biggest travesties of our broken education system. If the education planners would have studied our history when they were in school, they would have learned some things which were way beyond meaningful.
Many of our Founders were students of history. They had to be - most, if not all, came to this country from Europe. The Second Amendment was put in our Bill of Rights not by happenstance - it was very deliberate. Our Founders knew the danger of any government. That at any time, even the most carefully crafted government, could turn. It could turn citizens into subjects - or worse. It could turn citizens into slaves. That is what tyranny does.
So the Founders put a fail safe in our Bill of Rights. It was very short, very simple. And it had unique language. The only Right in the Bill which had the words "shall not be infringed". And why would they do that? For times like these. When ignorant gun grabbers, try to take the one thing away from citizens which really keeps us free - our guns.
But the Left in their naivete, does not look at government the same as citizens and patriots do. Government is their god. It is omnipotent. The same thing many conquered people in world history have also believed. To the Left, to fix this long festering wound in our country, all guns must go. To the patriots, they would rather give up just about anything but their guns. Yes, the ownership of firearms is that important.
If ever there would ever be a spark which would take our nations civil war from cold to red hot, it would be the over reach of the gun grabbers. When Charlton Heston said his gun would need to be pried from his "cold, dead fingers", he was speaking for many of us. This war on our Second Amendment simply cannot be lost. Our republic is riding on it. That is not histrionics - it is pure fact.