Why is there a war on the unborn?

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"Each and every church in our country should be decrying this mass murder every Sunday. People who favor the killing of the unborn should not be finding favor with the rest of us."

By now many of us have heard about the sickening law which was recently passed in New York. It took Roe v Wade to a new low. For those who do not know about it as yet, let me give you the Cliff Notes version. In New York, you may now kill your baby up until one day prior to delivery. One day. That is all that separates legal abortion from infanticide in New York. Of course, most of us on the pro-life side, think any abortion is a form of infanticide.
On the other hand, many Republicans in various states have introduced "Fetal Heartbeat Laws". That is where it will be illegal to abort a fetus once a heartbeat is detected. Why? Contrary to popular belief on the Left side of the street, tumors do not have heartbeats. In the eyes of many Christians, that is when life starts. Other Christians believe life starts at conception.
I am very interested, and more so concerned, in how we got to this point. I have addressed this many times before - the history of abortion in our land. To keep abortion out of the back allies and performed with metal coat hangers, the "humane" thing to do was to legalize it. Not by the states - but by the Supreme Court. And just like that in 1973, the killing of innocent life became legal and Constitutional (that is, in the eyes of seven out of nine black robed jurists). Since 1973, 61,000,000 innocent souls have been ripped out of their mother's womb, sucked out of her uterus, poisoned, or whatever. And that 61M murders is only in this country. Worldwide, the number of abortions since 1980 is estimated to be over 1.5B.
Somehow along the road since 1973, abortion rights have become the mantra of the Left. By doing so, they have become the Party of Death. In fact, abortion rights are so sacrosanct with the Loony Left, it made a mockery out of the last Supreme Court nomination. Even though the nominee NEVER said a word about overturning Roe v Wade. Just the thought, because of his Christian faith, might cause him to change his mind at some time, was enough to turn the proceedings into a three ringed circus.
The issue of abortion is one of the wedge issues which is ripping our country apart. Some have asked, "Why can't we find middle ground?" Like the middle ground between black and white? That is gray. Where in pray tell then, is the middle ground between life and death? Hint: there is none. So we continue to be governed by Republicans, notoriously pro-life, and Democrats, notoriously pro-death. And meanwhile, the body count keeps going up. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade.
One day, we will all of us, be held accountable for this genocide. On Judgement Day. Passivity will be no excuse. The bottom line is simply this - 61,000,000 innocents have lost their lives on our watch. In our country. Judged okay be our laws.
Each and every church in our country should be decrying this mass murder every Sunday. People who favor the killing of the unborn should not be finding favor with the rest of us. Why is there this continual war on the unborn? Don't ask me. Ask Nancy Pelosi, or any of her ilk. To me, abortion is just murder. Murder of our most precious.