Doubling down

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I haven't officially weighed in on the Covington Catholic boys kerfuffle, but I doubt that I will conjure up anything original. This whole saga has pretty much proven to be a situation where overzealous leftists will look for anything they perceive to be egregious (context be damned) in an effort to perpetuate narratives and/or push an agenda.

Hmmmm. Sounds awfully similar to what progs do in the aftermath of mass shootings, particularly after the February 2018 tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.

MSD student Kyle Kashuv certainly noticed a double standard.

Heck, you need to look no further than CNN for validation of Kahuv's assertions. Anchor Brian Stelter pretty much admitted he allowed MSD students to make factually dubious statements on his program while contributor Bakari Sellers said via Twitter that Covington student Nick Sandmann had a "punchable face."

Leftists also pitched an absolute fit over the fact the NBC's Today Show was having Sandmann, the student who has been labeled as "smirking boy, " on its program. Then when Sandmann appeared on the broadcast, host Savannah Guthrie almost seemed to suggest he and his classmates were as responsible as (if not more so than) Nathan Phillips and the Black Hebrew Israelites. But since it has been largely debunked that the Covington boys started this whole saga, many leftists still cling to the one irrefutable truth to justify their jumping to conclusions: the boys were wearing red MAGA caps. Y'see, the disdain for President Donald Trump is so deep-rooted that Trump's detractors just can't help but have such visceral reactions. In essence, the Covington boys and their white privilege had it comin'.

Man, leftists really have no innate ability to take an "L," do they?