The March for Life vs. the Party of Death

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"A righteous country would not be a part of this genocide. We need to get back on the path of righteousness - and soon."

Yesterday was the annual March for Life. It was reported that although the crowds are somewhat smaller than they have been in the past, there seemed to be more young people involved. The March for Life - seldom attended by those who belong to the Party of Death (that be the political party which uses abortion as a credo). And so the question is often asked, just who are these people who go out and march for the unborn in often times frigid temperatures?
They are mostly middle America. Mostly white, mostly people of faith. They are people who for the most part, have not had an abortion. But some have, and are now regretting it. It is amazing when you think of the number of aborted humans in this country alone, since the obscene court ruling in 1973 known as Roe v. Wade. Over 50 million innocents have been ripped out of their mother's uterus by abortionists. Legally. It is nothing more than infanticide which have been given blessings by the state.
If you ever want to bring a lively discussion to a stand still, try this. We have some friends who are Catholic. Catholics who attend weekly mass, often hear about the sanctity of life on a regular basis. Some of our friends are strong Democrats (Party of Death) as well as Catholic. When asked how they can condone the taking of innocent life by abortion, and be a Democrat - well, that will take the life out of the the most lively of conversations.
Some of us have seen bumper stickers which say, "You can't be Catholic and also believe in abortion". I love those! However, I would change one word. I would replace Catholic with Christian. No offense to Catholics, but EVERYONE who proclaims the Gospel should be dead set against abortion. No, they are not okay - unless there is an extreme and very rare circumstance. Other than that, abortions are not okay - EVER.
Back to the 50+M innocent babies which have been killed since 1973. That number is greater than the populations of MN, SD, ND, IA, WI, MI, NE, KA, Il and few other midwestern states combined. Think of the possibilities that some of those babies would have had growing up. Doctors, scientists, astronomers, heck - one might have even found a cure for cancer. But we will never know, because they were killed before they could take their first breath.
Bless those people who were out there in the March for Life. Bless those who belong to anti-abortion and post abortion counseling organizations. Bless those who pray for the end to this madness. A righteous country would not be a part of this genocide. We need to get back on the path of righteousness - and soon.