Nobody does it better

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Trump feeds the Clemson Tigers fast food and turns the outrage meter up to 11:

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Have some

The sputtering rage on my social media feed was something to see. A representative sample:

REPREHENSIBLE. In America it has been customary for champions of any sport to be invited to the White House for a celebration. Prior to Jan 20, 2017 it was a high honor. Now that the criminal occupant of the WH is there, the ceremony is ridiculous. For the football national champions Clemson University, the “menu” is McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s; fast food chains. There’s a 5 STAR CHEF at the White House, and this imbecile serves the champions junk food. Disgusting!!!!!!

It's all there. And you don't need to figure out which fork to use.