Long Term Planning

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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

You are the supervisor hiring a new employee. HR tells you that if the group of eligible candidates contains a woman, you must give her preference over the other candidates. They send you five candidates, one of which is a woman. You hire the woman.
Next job opening, same thing. You hire the woman. And the next. And the next. And the next. There’s always a woman in the candidate pool, and you’re always required to give her preference. Eventually, your entire workforce will be women. It’s a mathematical certainty.
Now see Minn. Stat. 480B.01, the balance of sexes in law school enrollment and in the ranks of County Attorney and Public Defender from which many judicial appointments are made, and the history of actual judicial appointments during the Dayton administration. Now project the trend line to see where we’re headed. Eventually, all of Minnesota’s judges will be women. It’s a mathematical certainty.
Here’s the big question: is that wise?

Given that before long 2/3 of college students will be female, that’s pretty much the mathematical certainty for all non-blue-collar jobs.