Wintering our discontent…

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"We will forge ahead and try to hold on. The fact that we are right and they are still wrong seems not to matter to the minions. They have all taken their blue pills and entered the Matrix."

Christmas is over, we are knee deep into January, the new Congress has been sworn in, as has the new Minnesota Legislature and Governor. And - so? Here is the "so". It has not taken me long to reach the end of my grace period. My "new year, blank slate" objective has taken a major hit. In other words, I have a whole lot of discontent. This thing on the southern border, - no, scratch that. I mean this thing with ALL OF IMMIGRATION, is driving me nuts. It is like the socialist democrats are hell bent on destroying our country, just by using illegal immigration.
For example, every clear thinking person knows that Donald Trump is spot on to build the wall. With securing our borders. Getting control of the tens of thousands of illegals who try and breach our borders each and every month. Then why in the world would the Lefties be so against the President? Why on this first day in office, would the new Governor of California want to give illegals even MORE rights? Why???
One of the biggest difference between conservatives and socialists has always been this simple. The conservatives, the patriots, like to be left alone. Live and let live (within the laws of the land, as well as our Constitution). The socialists on the other hand, love to get all up in your business. Force illegal immigration on us. Take the guns away from innocent gun owners. Raise taxes just for the hell of it. In fact, they got so much all up in our business under Obama, our economy slowed to a crawl. Our military could not fight a war without cannibalizing equipment. For a super power, we were a mess.
I have never seen such dysfunctional leadership in Congress as we have now. I have never seen bigger radicals than we have in either the State House or Congress right now. What is the bright side to look forward too? You tell me. All I can see is fighting like crazy to keep what few rights we have left in this state. The socialists would love to drain our funds and make us all the same - all poor. Why do I say poor? No matter how rich our country is, we can spend more than we have. Just look at our national debt.
I did not realize until the past few days just what a punch in the gut losing this past election was. I guess reality had not set in until the socialists were sworn in yesterday. And now they have power over us. This bunch of misfits and nut balls, many of whom cannot even turn on a flashlight in a dark room, will be running the state as well as the country.
I long for the 1980's. I long for the days of Ronald Reagan. I long for how he would always tell us we were the bight shining city on the hill. No matter the time of day it was, it was always morning in America with Ronald Reagan. No matter the season, we never had the discontent of winter. The economy worked, the military worked, the people worked. Sure, we still had a bunch of Democrats running around - but they were sane compared to this bunch.
We will forge ahead and try to hold on. The fact that we are right and they are still wrong seems not to matter to the minions. They have all taken their blue pills and entered the Matrix. Stay tuned folks, what is going to happen on the southern border this month could be a crucible moment in our country. If we lose that fight, we will really be lost.