Don’t let the door hit you…

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"Donald Trump wants us to build a wall to keep out people who are not vetted nor legal. This wall however, is one way. Anyone who wants to leave, may do so."

"Don't let the door hit you, where nature has split you!" Now that - is an old saying. Goes back many a year. However for today, we might have to pull it out of the closet. Seems that according to the HuffPost (a publication I NEVER lean on), sixteen percent of our snowflakes find living in Trump's America is so bad, so repugnant, they want to leave the country. Not like vacation leave - go live in another country leave.
Why not? I did. I left the country for a year and a half and lived in another country. Gave me some great perspective. I have always loved my country, but when my tour in Okinawa was over, I loved it even more. Why? I saw how grim life can be elsewhere. Even though Okinawa was an American Protectorate at that time, life there was still grim compared to what it was in the United States.
Many of the 16% who want to leave are socialist democrats. In other words - snowflakes. They hate Trump more than they love this country. So they want to quit - they want to leave. Even though it has been since the Reagan years that this country had hit on as many cylinders as it is now - they want to leave. Even though millions throughout the world would LOVE to come here either legally or illegally - they want to leave. Even though the American Experiment has tried to be emulated by many other countries, and the United States has proven to me the greatest country which ever existed - they want to leave.
Donald Trump wants us to build a wall to keep people out who are not vetted nor legal. This wall however, is one way. Anyone who wants to leave, may do so. Unlike North Korea, this wall is not to keep citizens in against their will.
Right now, I am thinking I might have to dig out my out bumper sticker from years ago - "America - love it or leave it". True back then, true today. If you don't want to be a part of the mix, if you don't want to assimilate, if you don't want to help this nation grow - then leave. Now. You can easily be replaced. Once you are gone, the real truth will smack you in the face. Living in these United States is a privilege. And now you have blown it.
I have seen some representatives of the sixteen percent who want to leave. You can see them also - just drive into parts of Minneapolis. There you can find a cesspool of America haters, Trump haters, and freedom haters. Most big blue cities have these misfits. Comes with the territory.
One final word. As the kids will say while playing, "See ya, would not want to be ya!" My feelings exactly to this ungrateful mob. You have said your piece, you have shut down our streets, you have shown your coarseness when addressing our elected leaders. Now leave. And don't come back. The citizens here deserve better.