America: An island of prosperity

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"God bless America. God bless the American people. And may God bless our President, Donald J. Trump. Can I get an amen"

Every morning when my feet hit the floor, I believe this is a great time to be alive. It really is. Not only alive, but to be an American. This country, this Great American Experiment, is the gift which keeps on giving. For most of the past decade, our economy was like a caged animal. Powerful forces, who ran our government, tried to weaken it, make it European. Then along came Donald J. Trump. He took off the shackles. He unleashed the beast. He let America be America once again.
Many of the doomsday experts were predicting a recession after the December "adjustment" in the stock market. The big drops we saw in the stock market last month did not bother me in the least. My non-Wall Street opinion? The run up we saw right after the election could not go on forever. The stock market became overvalued. Seeing it come down a tad was a good thing - in my opinion.
Then the December jobs report came out. The articles were already written by the MSM saying that between the anemic jobs report for December, as well as the stock market dive, Donald Trump's days of glory are over. Small problem - the jobs report was anything but anemic. Surprised everyone. Seems our economy is still smoking hot. We had more manufacturing jobs created in 2018, than we have in the past twenty years! Unemployment is still at rock bottom, and we have more job openings than jobs seekers. One more thing - we have more proven energy reserves than Russia or Saudi Arabia.
By the way, the great dragon to the east (that be China), is having all kinds of problems right now. Their once red hot economy is not so hot anymore. Europe is a mess, and Russia is nothing more than a big gas station. Once again, America is showing the world just how to do it. News flash for nut balls like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: we are right, and you are wrong. Socialism is a failure, and capitalism, when done right, works like a charm. How do you do capitalism right? Elect a guy like Donald Trump.
Despite the side show which is going on in Washington DC, this country, our country, is poised to have another GREAT year. I have said before, the only people who are not working right now are people who do not want to work (or physically cannot work). If you want a bite at the apple, there are plenty of apples galore, just waiting for you.
God bless America. God bless the American people. And may God bless our President, Donald J. Trump. Can I get an amen?