John Kennedy vs. David Cicilline

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Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy got it exactly right when he said that “this nonsense that illegal immigration doesn’t depress wages is nonsense on a stick. That’s just like economics 101. I don’t mean any disrespect to the congressman but he must’ve been the Frisbee in the quad during Econ 101.”

Sen. Kennedy then added that “Legal immigration is good for America. Illegal immigration is illegal [and] bad for America before adding that ‘any fair-minded person’ can find via a ten-minute internet search that a border wall is the best solution to the problem.”

Sen. Kennedy is one of the best men in Washington, DC. I’d call him the modern day version of Sen. Alan Simpson. First, watch this video:

After watching this video, you’ll understand why:

John Kennedy understands that a wall is required to protect America. As he said in his interview with Martha McCallum, it doesn’t take long to figure out via Google that walls work. Today’s White House Press Briefing explains things perfectly:

Watching the entire video will explain why a wall system is needed. Brandon Judd didn’t mince words in explaining why walls work. Mr. Judd is currently the president of the National Border Patrol Council. He’s explained that he’s border patrol agent the past 21 years. I’m betting that qualifies him as a legitimate expert, not a DC expert.

Rep. Hakeem Jefferies think that he’s an expert on border patrol:

What a blithering idiot. When was the last time you read an article that touted the heroic efforts of a drone that stopped a caravan from crossing the US-Mexican Border? I’m not saying that drones aren’t important. I’m saying that drones are part of a system that should be deployed in stopping illegal immigration.