Into the fray – boldly!

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"Buckle up folks. Tomorrow starts the new Congress. Thank God we still have the Senate, and thank God we have Donald Trump."

Here it is. What most of us have either been looking forward to, or dreading. The new year. The new Congress. Will this be the Waterloo for our President as so many on the Left are hoping for? Or will this be a legislative version of the Taming of the Shrew, with Trump being the tamer, and Congress being the Shrew? If you thought the swamp was deep with the Republicans in charge of Congress, just wait until tomorrow, when the Loons take the wheel.
Every now and again, we need to take stock in how we are really doing. In know - according to the MSM, Donald Trump has taken us to the brink of extinction. But the facts tell a different story. Putting our much over-valued stock market aside, our country's economics are still in good shape. If Ms. Nancy does not futz with our income taxes, and the Fed does not raise interest rates four more times in 2019, this could be another strong year. Are there areas of improvement needed? Always are. But we are on the right path, and are now we are an energy exporter.
The border issue, which is the catalyst for having the government shut down, will be front and center this month. Maybe this is a fight which needs to happen. It has been brewing for decades. It is a stupid issue however, as most clear thinking citizens know the right answer. And no matter how hard the Lefties try to tug at our heartstrings, this one core fact remains - lose your borders, lose your country. Like I say, most sane people know that. And this is one of those "line in the sand" issues for patriots and citizens. We will NOT tolerate an open border country.
By the way, speaking of border security, have you heard about the hodge podge of bad apples who have been caught down in Panama? Yes, Panama. It seems that is the entry point for many from Africa and the Middle East, who would love to fence jump our southern border. Some have ties to ISIS or Al Shabaab. They get into Panama, make it through Central America, then into Mexico, and then - BOOM. They are at our border, looking to blend in with the masses. We should be very happy our President is as resolute as he is on this issue. Obama would have folded like yesterday's newspaper long, long ago.
One more thing about this "new and improved" Congress. The citizens will be watching like hawks. If all they have to offer is impeachment, we will be on them like white on rice. If they try to un-do the financial fixes the last Congress put in (which have worked very well), we will be in their collective faces, ASAP. If they try to turn this country into another socialist mess like Venezuela, it will be a very bad day for them. Why? Because this country is owned by "WE THE PEOPLE", not George Soros, nor Tom Steyer.
Buckle up folks. Tomorrow starts the new Congress. Thank God we still have the Senate, and thank God we have Donald Trump. There are evil forces around, who will try and rip this country from its very foundation. Now is the time for citizens and patriots to be alert. To be vigilant. Most of all - be ready.