Are you missing the government

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This afternoon, I sat down in front of my big-screen TV and watched a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel. Then I watched the Journal Editorial Report. At the end of the afternoon, I made myself a pizza before settling in and watching a pair of football games. The fact that the government was shut down only entered my mind during the Journal Editorial Report’s segment on the government shutdown.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to church to worship the birth of the Messiah, then I’m coming home to watch the Vikings thump the Lions before taking a nap. Suffice it to say that I won’t miss the government tomorrow, either. It simply isn’t a big deal. I’m confident that I won’t freak out over the Democrats’ shutdown. Yes, you heard that right.

The Democrats own this shutdown. Hugh Hewitt explains why in this tweet:

This isn’t a debate, or an argument. It’s a fact: @chuckschumer closed the government b/c he would not allow $5 billion of the $4 trillion the federal govt spends annually to be spent on border barriers. It’s an absurd, political stunt. By @chuckschumer. It is his shutdown.

Why isn’t this Sen. Schumer’s shutdown? This isn’t President Trump’s shutdown just because he said he’d be happy to own it. It’s Sen. Schumer’s shutdown because, in the words of Bryan Dean Wright, a Democrat, “Why are we doubling down on stupid?”:

What we’ve been doing isn’t working. That isn’t opinion. It’s a statistical, verifiable fact. It’s also a statistical, verifiable fact that Sen. Schumer has repeatedly said that he won’t consider fixing the problem. In fact, Sen. Schumer, by saying that Democrats won’t vote to build an inch of the wall, is essentially saying that Democrats are heading in the opposite direction of fixing the border security situation.

Let’s be serious about something. I hope that Democrats hold out until the new year on the wall. At that point, they’ll be responsible for half of the Legislative Branch. That means they’ll be required to produce actual solutions. If there’s anything that Democrats specialize in, it’s kicking the can down the road and not fixing problems. Fixing problems just isn’t part of the Democrats’ DNA. Here’s what Democrats are good at:

It’s time to tell lazy Democrats and Republicans to fix the border. We’re tired of watching caravans enter without getting punished. We’re tired of watching sex traffickers and human traffickers make money.