Lie First, Lie Always: An Open Letter To The Reverend Nancy Nord Bence

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To: The Reverend Nancy Nord Bence
From: Mitch Berg, Irascible Peasant
Re: Think. Think Really Really Hard

Rev. Nord Bence,

Over the weekend, you posted this on “Protect” MN’s Facebook page:

Over the years, I’ve pointed out – with absolute accuracy – that you have never made a single statement about guns, gun owners, gun history, gun laws, the 2nd Amendment or gun crime that was simultaneously substantial, original and true.

Here’s the good news: your claims above are substantial, and, er, “original”. But they are howlers.

Run Awaaaaaaay: First – you say “police in Minnesota can already use the Stand Your Ground defense”.

Well, yeah. That’s right. The police don’t have a “duty to retreat” when doing their jobs. Unlike civilians, they are supposed to run toward trouble.

They don’t have “Stand your Ground”. They have “Qualified Immunity” – not only no obligation to try to retreat, but a mulligan for mistakes made in generally good faith in the line of duty.

Question for you, “Reverend” Nord Bence: Would you prefer that police also be required to run away from criminals?

Just curious.

Shoot Off Your Unqualified Mouth First, As Questions Later: Next comes the notion that self-defense reform would give citizens “the same right to shoot first and ask questions later” that cops “have”.

Nope. It merely means that citizens don’t have to convince a county attorney that they tried hard enough to run away from a threat (that was otherwise a reasonable threat of death or grave injury), provided you were anyplace you had a legal reason to be.

That’s it.

It’s not a license to kill.

And I suspect you know that – and are lying anyway, to logroll the gullible dolts who take you seriously.

Either that or you are a deeply, deeply stupid person.

My money says “both”.

That is all.

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