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If I were to dole out one of those "Politifact" ratings, this would grade "True."

This is a spot-on assessment of my wife's sister's in-laws. However, with that family there is a ninth layer. That would consist of actually opening the door while carrying on a conversation, all the while allowing the MN winter wind to gust into the entryway.

So when this "Midwestern goodbye" is done at my house, it takes every single solitary ounce of my inner self-discipline to not to yell "SHUT THE F--KING DOOR!!!!!!!!!"

No, I have come up with a perfectly rational alternative by politely asking that the door be closed so as not to tempt our brood of pets to dash outside. And so committed are these people to the long, drawn out farewell that they close the door but continue to endure the elements in our driveway. Mad props, I guess.