Like the sun setting in the west

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Since the beginning of the 2017 NFL season, there has been one consistent trait: If a team needs depth at quarterback, Colin Kaepernick will not only remain unsigned but he won't even receive a workout.

With the Washington Redskins losing their second starting QB within two weeks, they are now left with the spectacularly mediocre Mark Sanchez as their starter. Keep in mind that the Redskins are still very much alive for a playoff berth in the NFC with four games remaining. Nevertheless, it appears they're going with journeyman Josh Johnson as their backup.

Look, I've said many times on this blog that Kap should at least receive the courtesy of a workout but at the same time I don't believe NFL teams should be compelled to bring him in. That said, it would be refreshing if teams were just honest why they're not signing him instead of putting forth blatantly obvious fabrications.

But you know what my biggest regret is over the Redskins not signing Kaepernick? Not being able to witness the utter derangement of proggies upon them witnessing their SJW hero joining the team with the raaaaaaacist nickname.