George H. W. Bush, RIP

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Time waits for no one

We're all a mixed bag, I guess. George H. W. Bush certainly was one. He served his country in a variety of ways. We read his lips. He lost the presidency to an outright scoundrel. I always had a tough time getting the stench of his time at CIA out of my nose. Thousand points of light. Voodoo Economics. The Wall came down on his watch, but his predecessor was largely responsible for that. He was personally as gracious a man as ever occupied the Oval Office, but he could be a vicious politician when he had to be. His son became president and was even more of a muddle than he was.

Sorting out 41's legacy will be a challenge for historians. I think we're still too close. My sense right now -- his time was a wasted opportunity, but there's this -- of the presidents in my lifetime (Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, Obama, Trump), he's clearly the second best one. That's damning with faint praise, I guess.