Let the circus begin!!!

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"It is doubtful the Democrats will EVER AGAIN nominate a bunch of Loons which will match this class. That is - unless they want to be a permanent minority party."

As we go through the waning days of November, and get ready for the festive month of December, the real "entertainment" will actually start the month after. That is when the new Congress in Washington, the new House in Minnesota, the new Governor of Minnesota will be sworn in. How bad is it going to be? Let's just say this to be somewhat upbeat. It will be as entertaining as going to a circus. That is, until the Democrat pick our pockets and start to fleece us.
Okay Bird, you sadist! What could possibly be entertaining about this upcoming January??? Actually, every time the Democrats are in power, they are kind of amusing. Like - watching a clown car. Most Democrats (in normal years), don't have a clue on how to govern or how to manage money. This year however, they have really upped their game. They actually have elected some newbies who are not just clueless - they are out and out STUPID. Folks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the our own woman of brotherly love, Omar.
Yes, yes, I know. We still have Camilla Harris, Bernie Sanders, "Spartacus" Booker, and host of the other libtards left over from the last Congress. And chances are, we will have a repeat of "Ms. Nancy" to be Speaker - our favorite Californian who once every three days or so, can put together a coherent sentence.
To me, one of the more amusing things to watch, will be this. When many of the sheeple who voted for Mr. Rocks and Cows Walz, find out they were only led down the primrose path. No pot of gold, no rainbow.
When they find out the summer vacation they have been planning on will not happen this year due to the sky high price of gas. When they find out the doctor they have gone to for years will not be a part of "single payer" network. When their hunting trip gets scrubbed, as the new AG will only allow hunters to have two bullets in possession. When they find out all of a sudden, Minnesota is overrun by Central American gangs since we now offer "sanctuary status".
Guess what sheeple? You thought "One Minnesota" was only going to hose the well to do. Nope. "One Minnesota" means we ALL get hosed. I remember reading something years ago about how we could "fund" all the Democrat proposals which were floating around Congress. A Washington think tank did an analysis. If we taxed the upper 50% of all income earners 100% of their income, it would not nearly be enough to cover the proposals.
Actually, this coming year, to enact Medicare for all, taxing 100% of the people 100% of their income would probably still not be enough. But who cares? These are highly educated, Common Core educated, committed socialists.
There are some pundits on the right who feel having two years of idiots governing us will be a good thing. Things get so bad, so fast, so overplayed, so under-governed, many voters will be counting the days until 2020 when they can put the adults back in charge. My advice - sit back, buy some popcorn and enjoy the show. That is - after you hide your money.
It is doubtful the Democrats will EVER AGAIN nominate a bunch of Loons which will match this class. That is - unless they want to be a permanent minority party.