Tribal warfare in the new year…

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"Enjoy your last few weeks of freedom folks. As Bruce Willis said in the movie Armageddon, 'Tell the world (country) to get ready for bad news.' And we voted for this. Let that sink in."

There is an old saying many of us heard as kids. "Cheer up - things could be worse. So I cheered up, and sure enough - things got worse." What is the point in bringing up that bit of sophomoric humor right after Thanksgiving? Some of it had to do with watching some of the Sunday news shows yesterday. As predicted, this past election solved NOTHING. We are still divided. Still tribal. Still bitter. Still hateful.
Our new Governor, Mr. "One Minnesota", is getting ready to divide us further, once his hand comes off the Bible in January. Oh, the plans he has! For starters, he thinks all those statistics people have been publishing about how high of a taxed state Minnesota is - are rubbish! Heck, there is plenty of room for more revenue growth. Of course, the refugees and very poor will be exempt. They will be getting another payday instead. But the "makers", the citizens, are in for a shellacking. Our "One Minnesota" will quickly devolve into more tribal warfare.
The race for 2020 will kick off next year. Already the "beauty queens" from the Loony Left are getting in line for consideration. Last count, there were 20 to 30 of them, with more expected. And the good part? Word has gotten out that if you are a "Blue Dog" or even somewhat conservative Democrat - don't bother applying. Progressives, socialists, statists, and maybe an occasional commie only please. Will that bring us together? Let's take a peek:

  • Borders - More so than anything else, I think this will be new biggest divide for our fractured nation. The progressives have been very clear on how they want to proceed when they take control of the government. No funding for ICE, defunding all of our border security. They will allow unfettered infiltration of our country by all kinds of bad actors. What will the millions of 2A patriots do about that? Three guesses.
  • Guns - Speaking about the 2A patriots, many are very concerned that tide may be changing in the country. The gun grabbers have the progressives firmly in their grasp. It will be very short road between universal background checks and "Red Flag". And when "Red Flag" happens, we are virtually on the door step of reliving the confiscatory days leading up to the Third Reich. More anti-2A gun laws will bring on more tribal warfare - big time.
  • Money - No, this is not a typo. I did not put taxes here, as socialists have already moved on to the next stage of confiscation of wealth. In fact, Bill de Blasio has already floated the idea of doing away with private property. You know - communal everything. This is a mayor of a major large city in this country. An avowed socialist. And he thinks no differently than many of the other socialists. The money you have is not really your money - is is "our" money. "Ours"? Yes, the collective. Get ready folks. Get ready for confiscatory tax rates which will equal what we had in the 1970's.

When did the wheels really start to fall off? Trump? Obama? Bush (43)? Clinton? Everyone seems to have a different opinion as to which President presided over the beginning of the unraveling of our "out of many, one" credo. My vote has always been Clinton. After Ronald Reagan and Bush (41) treating the Oval Office with respect, Clinton used it as a brothel. He and his wife were users to the max. He besmirched the office, day after day after day.
After Clinton is was just assumed the biggest climate hoaxer in the history of man would be the next POTUS. When the 2000 election came down to "hanging chads" and a SCOTUS ruling, the unraveling went into a higher gear. Then came the "great reconciler", who was anything but. By the time Obama was done, we had us sliced and diced to many times, everybody was hating just about everybody. And with Trump, the damage had already been done.
Enjoy you last few weeks of freedom folks. As Bruce Willis said in the movie Armageddon, "Tell the world (country) to get ready for bad news." And we voted for this. Let that sink in.