The race against time

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"Think about it America. This is our race against time. What is it going to be? The 19th century, the 7th century, or the 21st? I am picking the 21st."

It seems as if we are now in the greatest race in the history of mankind. No, this is not being dramatic. I am talking about the race against time. As we approach the age of "technological enlightenment" in or around the year 2025, we just might not make it. Again, I am not being dramatic. As our "makers" continue to surge ahead at light speed, to come up with our brave new world, the forces of evil are doing just the opposite.
The socialists, which are soon to be taking over a portion of our government, are very anxious to get rid of our pesky capitalist system. This most unfair system. Of course, this evil system, which has allowed us to take risks to build a "better mousetrap", has also allowed us to be the first on the Moon. Plus allowed us to build smart phones with more computing power in them than an entire Apollo Mission. It has allowed us to be a world leader in biomedical research, which has done a leap frog in extending life expectancy from a hundred years ago. Oh - and one more thing. You ain't seen nuttin' yet! Just wait for five or six years to pass.
However, in the eyes of the socialists, these capitalists, who have given us so much foe us, are nothing more than "robber barons". Yes, I heard this term many times from a relative of my wife's who taught college. As the socialists even out the playing field by making everyone "equal in outcome", we can kiss innovation good-bye. We can travel back in time to the age of Karl Marx. You know - "Workers of the world unite", or some such crap as that.
Don't get too depressed as yet. It actually gets worse - much worse. The Islamist group wants to take us back to the 7th century, give or take a few centuries. Why? They never left it. They love living there. Getting the world back to a pre-iron age would be just fine, thank you. Purge the infidels, bring on the final caliphate, and let's get going! Technology? Who needs it?
Or we can fight to save this world. The world which Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and so many others created for us. If they were still with us, they would be in the front row cheering us on to do so. Retreat? There is no retreat. We go forward as a country. As a civilization. If we lose to the socialist or the Islamist crowd, we are screwed. Badly. Our kids, grand kids, and those who follow will have no future.
Today we had another successful landing on Mars. From a rover to test for crust stability on the Red Planet. Soon we will have people on Mars, doing valuable research. That is, unless we are cutting each other's heads off, or burning down the factories.
Think about it America. This is our race against time. What is it going to be? The 19th century, the 7th century, or the 21st? I am picking the 21st. Why? That is what our parents and grandparents would have wanted us to do. And more importantly, that is what our kids and grand kids need us to do.