The winter of our growing discontent

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A great article in a recent Alpha News penned by Gil Gutknecht. For those who do not remember or know this, Gil represented the First District in Congress until he was succeeded by Mr. "Rocks and Cows" Walz. Gil talked about how grey and gloomy this month has been. Some of it because of the weather, some of it because we now know what is coming. And it ain't pretty.
One of Gil's point in his article was the business and tax climate is going to get so bad under a Walz/Ellison administration, that more seniors and upper income people will be voting with their feet. In other words - leave. Gil is not the first to say that. Many economists have also said that. Heck, it is happening in New York and California right now. But here is the irony (and I love irony) - many on the Left tell the "makers" and the seniors who are leaving - "Don't let the door hit you, where the Good Lord split you." In other words, the "takers" are glad the "makers" are leaving. But then who will pay for all this stuff? Who cares...
What is to become of this once great state of Minnesota? Truthfully, after looking at the specifics from the last election, fewer and fewer are giving a care. A good friend of mine who is very politically astute (and NOT a pessimist), summed it up this way - so long as the Islamic coalition continues to vote in a growing monolithic block in Minneapolis, St. Cloud and Rochester, we will NEVER will another state wide election. PLUS (buckle up for this one) - we will have the most flawed Keith Ellison for as long as he chooses to serve.
Some ad hoc and PACs are already starting to form for the battle which awaits in 2020. "More money and a better way to get a better message across!" Yes, we were outspent by the Democrats this past election. Some say outworked and out hustled also. But here is the bottom line as I see it - and I have addressed this before since the election. So long as the East African refugees keep pouring into Minnesota, so long as 20% more woman than men vote Blue, so long as our Common Core educated kids vote for socialism - we can expect the same results in 2020. Tina Smith will get a six year term, the Minnesota House will stay Blue, and maybe even get Bluer, and the Minnesota Senate will flip Blue.
Do I have any words of encouragement or hope for the good people of Minnesota on this grey and gloomy afternoon? Not really. I do know that minds much sharper than mine are working to save this state from total oppression. I always thought the people in this state were smarter than this. That we could not be cowed. I guess I was wrong.