Riding Out Thanksgiving 2018-Getting Through-Bob Davis Podcast 779

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Riding Out Thanksgiving 2018-Getting Through-Bob Davis Podcast 779

When was the last time you fell to your knees and thanked God for survival? How about some history you might not have heard and some ideas for riding out the most commercial of all US Holidays in Riding Out Thanksgiving 2018-Getting Through-Bob Davis Podcast 779.

The Perfect Thanksgiving

We have all seen images of the perfect Thanksgiving. Or the Pilgrims and Indians back in the day. Truth is, those images aren’t quite the real thing.

Back To Holland In The Day

Days of Thanksgiving occur in many different countries. As far as the United States is concerned its especially relevant that our thanksgiving dates back to Holland in the time before the Pilgrims came to the new world.

Giving Thanks Was Kind Of A Thing

Moreover there were at least two settlements in the New World that followed the custom of giving thanks, and not just at the end of the harvest. One in Virginia and another in New England. Early settlers were expressing their gratitude for making it through a year in a barren new land, alive. (Editor’s Note: I mention New England in this context and of course I am talking about Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts).

Modern Consumption Makes 1950’s Look Tame

These days there is so much focus on consumption even the 1950’s Norman Rockwell images seem quaint. Nope. Thanksgiving is a day for drinking, eating, arguing politics and watching football. The entire three-day weekend is for shopping. At least that’s how the media sees it.

Lincoln and Roosevelt…Civil War and Depression

President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving to be a national holiday at the end of the Civil War. President Roosevelt created our modern holiday in an effort to stimulate business.

Farm Life No More

There was a time when most of the US was down on the farm. We lived in small towns. We were focused on farming. There’s a rhythm to that kind of life. Many our thanksgiving myths date back to those days.

How To Argue Politics, Fighting For The Deal, and Drunksgiving

Modern life is in contrast to the picture of abundance of the 1950’s. The media is full of advice about how to argue politics, stories of broken families, fighting at the retailers ahead of ‘black Friday’. Even something called ‘Drunksgiving‘ has been added to the festive atmosphere of what started out as a religious observance.

Take This Year Off

Finally with the roads choked and the airports jammed, I have decided to take this year off. Maybe that’s the best advice of all.

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Riding Out Thanksgiving 2018-Getting Through-Bob Davis Podcast 779