Once again, the nation laughs at us…

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"Save your money and hide your guns folks. The statists are after you, your money, and your guns."

I still get teased every now and again about Jessie Ventura. "How in the world could you guys elect a professional wrestler to be your Governor? Are you all nuts?" I know I am not the only one who has heard that. Also, after Reagan's historic win, when Minnesota was the ONLY state to vote blue, the taunting came then also. "What the hey is wrong with you guys? Mondale? Are you nuts?" Well, ladies and gentlemen of the United States, as the saying goes, "you ain't seen nuttin' yet!"
Our new Attorney General has not even laid his hand on a (get ready for it...) Quran yet to be sworn in, and already the nation is laughing. Why? In the past few years, the Republicans have run some very good people to be Attorney General. None have been better than Doug Wardlow. He was hands down the most accomplished, the most qualified person to EVER run for this position.
Keith Ellison on the other hand, is the most flawed candidate, ever, to run for Attorney General. By a long shot. His background is beyond checkered. Some think it is beyond inappropriate. Some say criminal. His views on immigration and our borders go beyond shocking. His views on the Second Amendment are jaw dropping. Also the idea of making Minnesota sanctuary is a show stopper. Some think he, as a devout Muslim, will introduce some parts of Sharia law into our state Constitution. Get the picture? This new Attorney General, who does not even have a valid law license, should not even be a dog catcher.
I have pointed this out before. Statewide, Doug Wardlow smoked Ellison. He really did. Won over 70 counties in Minnesota. But the deep, deep blue and socialist dominated Twin Cities, voted for Ellison. Why? He has the "D" by his name. "Yellow Dog" Democrats will vote for a yellow dog, only if that dog was a Democrat. So once again, the Twin Cities "queered the deal". Nothing good ever comes out of the Twin Cities, especially during elections. The Twin Cities this year gave us "Walz the Taxer" for Governor, Ellison for Attorney General, Blaha (or is it "Ha Ha") for Auditor, and so forth.
Be proud Minnesota. Once again we stick out like a bright blue sore thumb. Now we are stuck with this bunch of losers for four long and expensive years. Voter fraud will continue to be rampant. Immigration will continue to be out of control. Antifa will continue to roam the streets causing all sorts of mayhem, without any fear of recrimination. This is our "New Minnesota". It is the government we have. Some say it is the government we deserve.
Buckle up. The road ahead is going to be very, very rocky. Whose fault is this? Many avenues for that question to go down. But the bulk of the blame rests on the shoulders of Red Team members who sat this one out.
Save your money and hide your guns folks. The statists are after you, your money, and your guns.