Dem’ Dems are at it again!

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"With a Democrat House and a socialist Governor, hard times are coming. If you pay no taxes, life will be good. Otherwise, stand by for bad news."

I have a confession to make. Please - no hate mail when I tell you what it is. Knowing we were going to lose seats in the United States House due to a midterm election, part of me was hoping we would lose just enough to give power to the Democrats. The U. S. House -NOT THE MINNESOTA HOUSE! Why? Dem' Dems cannot help themselves. They are seething with so much anger towards the President (still), they have become totally unhinged. As such, they will be like drunks stuck in a bar at happy hour. They will not be able to control themselves.
The last ballot was not even counted, when the "I" word started to surface in conversations all over Capitol Hill. "Impeachment! Now we got him!", said the portly, and obnoxious Jerry Nadler. In fact, the fab four of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, are licking their chops. They are going to investigate EVERYTHING on this "illegitimate" President. Russia, his company, his family, his tax records, and if he was breast fed as a baby. This will be delicious! Nothing will get done! The Dems will stop this damn recovery dead in its tracks! Resist baby! It is the name of the game!
And therein lies the rub. Like a martial arts expert, Donald Trump will use all that Democrat energy and hatred - against them. All this hate will turn into a phalanx, which President Trump will turn into a victory march in 2020.
By the way, in case you have not noticed, the Blue Team does not have a clue on how to get stuff done - that is, except obstruct. Healthcare? Ha! Medicare for all? Double ha!! Just ask one of these Dems how they are going to pay for it. You will get the usual gobblety gook answer like, "this should be a right" or "we need to invest in our people". But specifics? They will not say a word on that for one very good reason. There is not enough tea in China to pay for all they want. Even with 100% of the people, paying 100% of their income in taxes.
No, I am not letting the Republicans off the hook on healthcare. They had two years to fix it and failed. I think President Trump knows how to fix it - but that is beyond his charter as President. That charter lies within the Congress. But the Congress must first release the hatred which lies within their collective hearts. But they can't.
In fact, look for some of them, hatred will be shown in the 900 demonstrations coming soon. Demonstrations on what? AG Sessions resigning. The progressives don't like it. They smell a rat. No evidence of any wrong doing however, but so what? It will be similar to the Kavanaugh hearings. As Abby Hoffman would say - it will be "Revolution for the hell of it!"
Enough already, about the misfits nationally. This article would not be complete without something about our local gang. Losing the Minnesota House was worse than losing the Governor chair. What? Why? If we had kept the House, Walz could have demanded a gas tax (like he did today), and the answer would have been something like "tough toenails". However, now that the socialist Democrat Hortman will probably be the next Speaker, the answer will only be "YES SIR!!!!" and "How much to you need sir???"
So this is our two new worlds which are coming. The national show will be fun to watch as Donald Trump will make fools out of the Dems and prep the stage for 2020. However, at home, this will be a different story. Seniors - those who wanted the unholy tax on your Social Security benefits eliminated - you are out of luck. Walz has NO INTEREST in doing that. He needs your money. And the 50% who pay taxes - get ready to be rammed.
With a Democrat House and a socialist Governor, hard times are coming. If you pay no taxes, life will be good. Otherwise, stand by for bad news.