Lawfulness vs. Lawlessness

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"The wisdom of the Framers was awesome to say the least. They must have foreseen a day like this coming. So, to keep our Constitution intact and valid, they made it very hard to change."

Lawfulness. Lawlessness. Two words which appear to be close in spelling, but have such different meaning. By nature, most (if not all) patriots I know choose to live by the rule of law. And what is the rule of law? Our Constitution. Plain and simple.
Elected or appointed lawmakers can do what they want to subvert it, but until it is legally amended, our age old legal compass remains the law of the land. Those who follow it are lawful. Those who do not are lawless. Lesson over, now on to the next topic.
Just kidding. There is no next topic, and I am not nearly done with this one. Right now, with President Trump in the White House, there seems to have been some permission slips handed out to the street thugs. Do what you want. Stop traffic. Destroy things. Harass people. Yes, even hurt people. Why do they do that? Why are they lawless? Because they can be. Nobody seems to be stopping them. It is "anything goes" to try and suppress the vote of the Red Team in November. Resist the President. Overturn the 2016 election. Well, a hard rain is about to fall on their parade.
Patriots are lawful because they choose to be. They love our Constitution. They are lawful - but they are not patsies. If the Democrats take over the House next month, all eyes will be on them. The Red Team is not going to sit back in their rocking chairs and go to sleep. They are not going to think, "Okay - maybe next time."
The patriots will not allow the Democrats to run rough shod over our rule of law like they did under Obama. All the grace that could be mustered, has been used up during the eight years of Obama. This time, if the Democrats try and ruin the government again, subvert our Constitution, we just might make Antifa look like a gathering of the Red Hat's.
The Left has already put the country on notice that the Resistance! will continue. Even if they win the House, they will use our government as a more powerful tool for the Resistance!. They will try to impeach the President as well as others. The mobs will still be in the streets, only this time there will be even less of a deterrence to keep them in check. Borders will become more porous, sanctuary cities and states will proliferate, and Central American gangs will prowl our streets like hungry lions. All taxes will escalate (only on the producers however), GDP and growth will decline, and we will all be on a rapid decent to the Carter and Obama days.
Then, the Democrats will try their best to change the Constitution. To have it look more like they want it to look. To modernize it. One big problem however - they can't. To LEGALLY modify our Constitution is a complicated process, which takes the majority of the country to agree to. The wisdom of the Framers was awesome. They must have foreseen a day like this coming. Therefore, to keep our Constitution intact and valid, they made it very hard to change.
Just to be clear to those on the Left side of the street, let me rephrase a couple of key points. Patriots are not loyal to a government, UNLESS that government is wrapped tightly around our Constitution. AND (this is critical), patriots believe (as the Framers did), the government serves the people, not visa versa.
Once the election is over, and if our government operates within the parameters set forth in our Constitution, everything is cool. Life goes on. If however, Blue Team takes over the government, and tries to operate outside the Constitution, the lawfulness of the patriots might quickly morph into lawlessness. Think about it. Yes, the stakes are that high.