2018 LEA Report on Minnesota Legislature Released

St. Paul, MN, October 26, 2018 — Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota (LEA) has completed its analysis of the 2018 Minnesota legislature’s performance. In its report, released today, the LEA criticizes the gamesmanship that hampered transparency and accountability again this year. “Wise lawmaking requires open debate on each issue,” says LEA president Don Lee. “That’s why Minnesota’s constitution mandates a single subject for each bill, with three readings on three separate days in both legislative bodies. These requirements were repeatedly ignored in 2018. We saw many controversial provisions rolled together into giant omnibus bills which were rammed through in the closing days of session.” All the legislators were scored on 17 bills that are summarized in the 2018 LEA Report, highlighting important principles and policies. First on the list is the 985-page Omnibus Supplemental Budget Bill, mixing appropriations with many new policies The other 16 bills were chosen to illustrate important principles and issues in lawmaking. They deal with such diverse topics as the governance of the Met Council, campaign finance law, the disruption of traffic by protesters, and service-animal fraud. Awards are given to those whose votes most closely match LEA recommendations. 2018 Honorees: Representatives Cal Bahr, Steve Drazkowski, Jerry Hertaus, Eric Lucero, Jeremy Munson, and Joyce Peppin. (no Senate honorees) Honorable Mention: Senators Bruce Anderson, Michelle Benson, Dan Hall, Mary Kiffmeyer, Warren Limmer, Andrew Mathews, Carla Nelson, Scott Newman, David Osmek, and Torrey Westrom; Representatives Tony Albright, Sarah Anderson, Peggy Bennett, Drew Christensen, Sondra Erickson, Dan Fabian, Pat Garafolo, Steve Green, Glenn Gruenhagen, Debra Kiel, Jon Koznick, Bob Loonan, Tim Miller, Jim Nash, Anne Neu, Jim Newberger, John Poston, Cindy Pugh, Duane Quam, Linda Runbeck, Dennis Smith, and Bob Vogel. LEA will mail a 2018 report to supporters in the next few days. The report can also be downloaded from the LEA website at http://lea-mn.org. Legislative honorees and other speakers are featured at an annual awards banquet. Membership dues for LEA are only $10 per year. About the LEA:
Established in 1972, the Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota (LEA) is a non-partisan and non-profit organization, established to inform the citizens of Minnesota of both important legislation and the voting performance of each Minnesota state legislator. LEA bases its evaluation on America’s declared founding principles of self-evident truths and inalienable rights. These principles provide a basis for a constitutionally limited government established to protect life, liberty, justice, property rights and free enterprise. LEA encourages the use of the material in its Reports, in whole or in part, with attribution, by any group or individual.