Another in a series of friendly reminders

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When Democrats declare moral absolutes (i.e. all women who accuse men of sexual assault/harassment deserve to be believed), they're wholly incapable of living up to those standards themselves.

Enter Minnesota DFL chair Ken Martin. When asked if he believes the domestic abused allegations brought by Karen Monahan against Democrat candidate for MN Attorney General Keith Ellison, Martin finally made a definitive statement.

"We took them seriously," he said of the allegations. "We conducted an outside, independent investigation, and that investigation showed we could not substantiate her claim of domestic abuse. And so I do not believe her, I believe our investigation."

Via email, Monahan's attorney Andrew Parker responded by saying the DFL investigation "was not objective, unbiased, or impartial..."

Wait, wait. You took the allegations seriously? Sure, that's a rational, common sense approach but it falls well short of the Dem mantra of "Believe women. Full stop."

This is yet another case of Dems being willing to declare moral absolutes unless it harms one of their own. You can pretty much set your watch by it.