Believe Women

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  1. I don’t believe her because the completely impartial legal partner of the DFL Party Attorney conducted a completely unbiased investigation that reached the best outcome for The Party in political terms.

    Personally, I think that there’s room for reasonable doubt as long as Monahan doesn’t show the video to anyone. That doesn’t keep the “Believe All Women” crowd from being hypocritical.

  2. What Smithy says. The allegations seem to be consistent with Ellison’s character, but as long as the accuser is talking about evidence she’s not willing to present to investigators, that weakens the import of her testimony. Hence it falls, in my view, with a huge portion of allegations; in the category of “not enough evidence to arrest”. It’s far better evidence than the allegations against Kavanaugh, where I’d appraise the evidence as “flimsy to perjurious”, but still… wanna get action taken, you’ve got to play by the rules of the game. You don’t refer to evidence that you’re not going to provide if you want investigators to take you seriously.

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