Voting uninformed

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"Jeff and the rest of the team have done their part in informing the electorate. In two weeks, it will be our job to vote them into office."

Late this past summer, a whole lot of people were complaining that the number of voters might be low in the coming November election. Particularly the Red Team voters. Then came the Kavanaugh hearings. Then came the "in your face" mob harassment of Red Team lawmakers and politicians. And now comes the caravan. All of a sudden, this perceived lethargy by the Red Team seems to have vanished. As has the myth of a "Blue Wave".
That being said, I have said this before - if our numbers are low two weeks from today, our chances are gone. Our state will end up bluer than toilet cleaner. To complicate things, I am starting to think there might something as bad, maybe worse, than a non-voter. That would be an uninformed voter.
Like how? Many uninformed Minnesota voters might look at Tim Walz, and think he looks like the real deal. That he would make a good Governor. Why? First, he looks like a grandfather. Kindly and kind. He is a former soldier, a former high school teacher, a football coach. He spent some time in Congress, representing the good folks in the First District. Now he wants to be our Governor, so he can "bring us all together".
Jeff Johnson, on the other hand, who does he think he is? For the uninformed voter, Jeff might just appear to be a rich kid, who went to expensive schools, worked for a exclusive law firm, and now serves on the Hennepin County Board. According to the DFL commercials, all Jeff wants to do is cut, cut, cut, to serve the Republican Party better. Whereas Tim Walz wants to give, give, give. Two chickens in every pot. For the uninformed voter, who never reads the fine print during election season, this is what they are hearing.
Here is the truth, the imitable facts. The "kindly old grandpa", Tim Walz is nothing more than a progressive. In fact, if you read his platform, he is more progressive than Mark Dayton. We wants to raise your income taxes, raise the gas tax, screw with our gun rights, and make our state a sanctuary for gangs, drug runners, and outlaws. In my book, "Grandpa" Walz pretty darn progressive.
Jeff, on the other hand, is not this "rich kid" of privilege. He grew up in Detroit Lakes. Graduated high in his class and then went to Concordia College. TRIPLE majored, and was accepted into a very good east coast law school. Graduated, was accepted into a law firm in Chicago, worked there for a few years, and then moved back to his beloved Minnesota. Here, he set up his own consulting company for labor and employment issues. Besides all of that, he has served in the Minnesota House, and the Hennepin County Board. His pedigree is as good as anyone who has ever run for the Governor of this great state. Actually, I think he is MOST qualified to ever run for Governor.
This coming Thanksgiving season will be the two year point since Jeff and I had coffee. There, he asked my opinion of him taking another run for Governor. Since that time, I have had a lot of time to spend with Jeff, and get to know his platform and positions. I knew he was the right solution for many things in Minnesota which need to be fixed.
Most anyone who has met Jeff, had a chance to talk to him, believe in his vision for Minnesota. Most do - but not all. We are after all, still a purple state trying to get redder.
The vote in two weeks will be a numbers game. If more Red Team vote than Blue Team, like 1.0 to 1.3M of them - we will. If we get closer to the 1.3M, we will win many of the seats we are contesting for. Also, the more informed voters we get, the better our chances are.
Jeff and the rest of the team have done their part in informing the electorate. In two weeks, it will be our job to vote them into office.