Minnesota’s two blue zits

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"We are not 'One Minnesota' Mr. Walz, we are two, maybe more Minnesota's right now. Your side caused us to be so. And there is nothing your policies can do to fix that. In fact, they will only make it worse."

For those of my friends who live deep in the bowels of the Twin Cities, please don't be angry. But this needs to be said. So, let me start this off the right way. Those who are leading the cheer about making Minnesota Red again, guess what? It already is. That is, except for two bright blue zits in the south central part of the state. That would be the Twin Cities. If the tens of thousands of takers and frauds who live deep in the inner cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, voted in another state instead of ours, Tom Emmer would be running for his third term as our Governor.
And because Tom Emmer would be running for this third term, we would not have Tina Smith as a fill in Senator. Why not? Because we would have never have had Al Franken either. Nor ObamaCare. Nor MNSure. But because we have these bright blue zits called the Twin Cities, the entire state has a bluish tinge. And thus, we ended up with Dayton, Franken and Smith.
In the paper this morning was some interesting polling. Polling on the narrowing race between Walz and Johnson. When you read between the lines on the geography of the poll, Johnson is way ahead in the suburbs surrounding the Twin Cities, slightly ahead up north. and about even in Walz's home area - southern Minnesota. But in the Socialist mecca of the Twin Cities? Walz (aka Santa Clause) is way ahead. The takers in the Twin Cities don't much care for Jeff Johnson. Why? All Jeff can promise them is opportunity. Walz promises two chickens in every pot, plus the kitchen sink.
Those who have spent some time recently in Minneapolis, know this. This City of Lakes, with its rich heritage, is NOTHING like it used to be. Today, it is a microcosm of California (politically), existing in the middle of our state. Yet, 25 miles in any direction from Minneapolis and St. Paul, you find red blooded citizens. Patriots. People who are not afraid to vote for candidates who promise only opportunity. St. Paul is almost as bad as Minneapolis is, but in my book, Minneapolis really takes the cake.
How are we doing on that "One Minnesota" theme Mr. Walz? Because of what the Democrats have done to the Twin Cities, most folks from the burbs (or further out), spend as little time in the Twin Cities as possible. And the city dwellers feel the same way when then get outside of their Blue Bubble. We are not "One Minnesota" Mr. Walz. We are two, maybe more, Minnesota's right now. Your side caused us to be so. And there is nothing your policies can do to fix that. In fact, they will only make it worse.
How does the Red Team overcome these two bright blue zits come election time? As I have said a hundred times before, we need one more vote than the Democrats can muster. All hands on deck, and everybody votes. 1.3M Red Team votes would really do the trick. If we can do that, we can offset the Socialists in the Twin Cities. If we can't - get ready to live in a sanctuary state with even higher taxes.