I hope Democrats rot in hell

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Donald Trump has united the GOP over the past month, though it’s fair to highlight the fact that he’s gotten tons of help from Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and illegal aliens from Honduras.

That isn’t the only help President Trump has gotten, though it’s impossible to not talk about those factors. The left-wing nasties that’ve spread violence lately have had a galvanizing effect on the GOP across the nation. Though I haven’t seen anything written on this, I’ve got to think that these left-wing nasties have also convinced independents to vote for Republicans, too.

Saturday night, Jason Lewis tweeted out this link to highlight the violence that’s being visited upon Minnesota Republicans. This part of the statement especially caught my attention:

The divisiveness in Minnesota politics has become a safety concern for Republicans over the last two years. Last Summer, Republicans looking to celebrate the accomplishments of President Donald Trump with peaceful rallies at the Capitol were subjected to violent protests that led to dozens of supporters being pepper-sprayed, tased, and physically assaulted.

Unfortunately, Minnesota Democrats refused to comment or condemn the violence by their supporters and yesterday, Minnesotans saw the results of that silence as two candidates for office were assaulted over the weekend for simply being Republican.

One of those Minnesota Republicans who’ve gotten physically assaulted is Sarah Anderson. This is what she told WCCO’s Pat Kessler:

Towards the end of the video, Sarah told Kessler that this incident wouldn’t stop her from campaigning, adding that “This is not going to change me. I refuse. I can’t. I can’t live in fear.” Notice how frightened she sounded.

Whatever your political beliefs are, it’s time to tell Democrats to stop this crap or else. The best way to send that message is through the ballot box. The DFL’s worst nightmare is losing political power. After what they’ve done, they should lose their power in St. Paul.

The DFL used to be the party of Humphrey, Mondale and Wellstone. That version of the DFL died with Wellstone’s plane crash near Hibbing. Since then, the DFL has become the party of Al Franken, Larry Pogemiller and Paul Thissen.

Each time one of these anarchists attacks a Republican, the more voters they chase into the voting booth — to vote against Democrats! It’s one thing to have policy differences. It’s another thing to visit violence upon politicians.