RIP Chivalry

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"One of these days, a punch or a kick to a woman might be the match which lights the fire. We are at that point right now. Dangerous times for sure."

Chivalry. That rusty and dusty term from the past. It is so very yesterday! Today, we have entered a new realm. The realm of Antifa. Of anarchy. Of political war. Some women are still okay. The ones who favor the killing of babies are okay. But conservative, pro-life women? It is open season on them.
As much as I miss my Dad, I am happy he is not here to see this. It would have broken his heart. Ever since I was a young lad, my Dad always taught me the importance of treating a women with respect. With dignity. It was a high honor to so so. Seems that it is no longer true.
Here are the new rules folks. The Democrats are playing for keeps. The political season is no longer sport - it is a blood sport. In Minnesota this past week, a female Republican politician was punched in the arm by a Democrat man. What? A man hitting a woman? You mean like when Keith Ellison (allegedly) mishandled his girlfriend? And that is okay? Or in another state, where a Democrat man did not like what a Republican woman said, and then grabbed her so hard by the arm, it left bruises. Like I say - new rules.
As much as those of us on the Right recognize this is the season of new rules, new rules on how to handle a woman, we refuse to follow suit. Some of us - no most of us - still practice the age old tradition of chivalry. We may tell a women we disagree with her hair brained, populist ideas, but that is as rough as it gets.
I have been saying this for weeks. There will come a day, when the wrong man assaults the wrong woman. How do I know this? I know a lot of women who carry. Lots. And if a woman feels she is in danger, she will ventilate the man abusing her. It is as simple as that. And there is not a court in the land who would convict her for doing so.
Recently there was some "punked out" butt head who decided to drop kick a defenseless, pro life woman. Kicked her right in the head. Knocked her to the ground. It really is too bad there were no gentlemen present when it happened, This loser who kicked her is about 155 pounds ringing wet. Big enough to kick a woman, but not big enough to do that to a man his size - or larger.
This lack of chivalry is just one part of the loss of civility we have seen in our country as of late. Words have morphed into threats; threats are morphing into punches; soon punches will morph into something much more violent and final. This is the road we are on. And this road is heading to a dead end.
One of these days, a punch, or a kick to a woman might be the match which lights the fire. We are at that point right now. Dangerous times for sure.