When you wish upon a star…

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"When you wish upon a star,

Makes no difference who you are,

Anything your heart desires will come to you."

Form the Disney movie, Pinocchio

As a kid, I loved this show. Heck, I even watched it over and over when my kids were small. And no doubt, I will watch it again with my grand kids. Great show, made when Walt Disney was in charge of Disney productions. Long before the Disney Corporation went off the rails. The movie was Pinocchio and the song When you wish upon a star was sung by the beloved Jiminy Cricket. It remains a classic to this day.
During the Gubernatorial debate last night, Jeff Johnson had to once again warn Tim Walz about promising too much without the ability to deliver. Yes, Tim Walz was again playing the part of Jiminy Cricket. The problem is, not only are there still too many people in Minnesota who believe Jiminy Cricket is real (as is Santa Clause), they also believe everything which comes out of the mouth of Tim Walz.
Do you want single payer healthcare? "No problem", said Jiminy Walz. "We can afford it. We will just raise the tax rate on the rich - like to maybe 13%, like California". What about our roads Jiminy? They are in bad shape. "No problem", said Jiminy Walz. "We will raise the gas tax by a buck or so. Everything will be just fine." Can we keep building trains, even though very few will ride them? "Absolutely", said Jiminy Walz. "Don't believe what the technologists and the futurists are telling you. Trains, not autonomous cars, will be the big thing in the near future. Heck, they don't call me 'Mr. Yesterday' for nothing!"
If you really listen to Tim Walz on the campaign trail, what comes out of his mouth is somewhere beyond extraordinary. I don't believe Tim to be a liar - I think he consumed so much blue kool aide in his life, he really believes this nonsense. No Tim - money does not grow on trees, and wishes don't come true if you wish upon a star. It might work for a wooden puppet in a fairy tale, but not in 2018, not in Minnesota.
Listening to Jeff Johnson and Tim Walz debate is an interesting exercise. Johnson talks in concrete terms with concrete solutions. Walz talks like a cartoon character. Like magic wands exist. No reality in what he promises. None. The sad part is this. There are many people in this state who listen to the fables Walz is telling, and take them to be true. They take them a fact. But why should they care? It is the upper 50% of the taxpayers who will be stuck with the bill.
So remember the next time you watch Pinocchio, and Jiminy Cricket breaks into song, think of Tim Walz instead. Tim wants us all to wish upon a star. For if we do, all your heart's desires will come to you. Price tag? Who cares? They don't care in fairy tales, so why should we?