Mr. Yesterday…

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"As chance favors the prepared mind, we need to make sure our kids are prepared. Johnson will help prepare our kids for 2025. Walz will prepare our kids for yesterday."

With the election just a month away, it is time to get very serious in considering who is going to guide our state going into the next decade. As I penned many times before, this next decade is going to be a game changer. Big time game changer. What do our Gubernatorial candidates think about educating our youth? To prepare them for this rapidly approaching "game changing" decade? Jeff Johnson wants to fix our education system so all can learn. We could get a much better end product for a lot less money. The other candidate, Tim Walz, really has no plan. That is, except for throwing more money at the broken parts.
I mentioned this when we returned home from a Caribbean cruise last year. In two different countries we visited, we found out they start educating their youth at 2 or 3 years old. Why? They discovered kids have a "hungry mind" at a very early age. They can learn at that age, and learn fast. Case in point - my 3 year old grandson, who goes to a Montessori school, was learning about the seven continents last week. He knows he lives in North America. Why bring that up? Pre-K might make sense for all students. As long as the curriculum is valid, it might make sense.
However, as long as a candidate like Tim Walz dances at the end of the Education Minnesota puppet string, our education will continue to be stuck in the mud. We need a RADICAL change to prepare for change. The massive changes which are coming our way - and soon.
One more time - and this is very, very important. Walz wants to fully fund education - Jeff Johnson wants to fully fix education. If you think we are getting the best bang for our tax dollars right now in education, you need to read between the lines. We are not. We are failing many thousands of kids, year after year. Today, and more importantly tomorrow - we can't afford to fail ANY kids. Not one of them.
How "yesterday" is Tim Walz? One of his cornerstone promises is to increase our gas tax. Here are the facts. Most car manufactures are gearing up for an all (or mostly all) electric future in the next 5 to 7 years. For both autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles. Why in the world would we want more of a gas tax when more and more cars are going to be electric? That makes no sense what-so-ever.
Someone who is non-political told me an interesting fact the other day. He recently read up on Jeff Johnson. Then he read up on Tim Walz. His words - "Johnson has a plan for our problems, Walz seems to only have rhetoric." Bingo. If we really want Minnesota to stand out as a shining example for tomorrow, we need to elect Jeff Johnson. If we want to stick out like a sore thumb as a deep blue, progressive, throw back to yesteryear, elect Tim Walz.
If you think I am blowing smoke on this issue, I encourage you to read up on some of the tech blogs. This upcoming change is real, massive, and coming fast. As chance favors the prepared mind, we need to make sure our kids are prepared. Johnson will help prepare our kids for 2025. Walz will prepare our kids for yesterday.