The Death of the High Court

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"Good luck tomorrow Judge Kavanaugh, in making it over the hump. Just remember however, the useful idiots will NEVER leave you alone."

"I am still trying to get to yes" said more than one of the remaining undecided Senate votes. A nail biter vote today and tomorrow? Suspense for today's cloture vote, and tomorrow's final vote? Okay Americans, get ready for the bad news. It really does not matter how the vote goes tomorrow. The fatal gunshot has already been fired. Our Supreme Court has gone from a functioning leg of government, to a weaponized, and very political organization. Bottom line? It has outlived its usefulness.
Okay Bird! That is about enough! This time you have gone too far! Not really. Think about it for a minute. The protesters were out yesterday (in mass) not only protesting the Kavanaugh nomination, but also (get ready for it) - Justice Thomas. The chants of "We believe Anita Hill!" could be heard all over the Capitol grounds. In other words, it is never really over. The goofballs on the Left, are already talking impeachment should Kavanaugh make it over the wire.
Let me play soothsayer and look over the horizon. For the future of the High Court. Thanks to our "good friends" on the Left, we have now learned what "doxxing" means. Guess what Lefties? We are fast learners. Soon everyone's addresses, emails and cell numbers will be published all over the internet, including the private information of the Justices. Then, each Justice will need to have the same type of Secret Service protection the President gets. And because the Representatives and Senators can't go anywhere without being harassed by the Loons, look for federal funding to provide security details for each.
This all started with the High Court. In 1973 when Roe v. Wade was decided. This was a huge mistake of the High Court to take this out of the hands of the states. Huge. All of a sudden, the High Court became a law maker instead of a Constitution interpreter. Abortion was then, is now, and always will be, a states rights issue. Tenth Amendment, baby. That very important amendment got trampled and left in the dust in 1973. The result? The mess we have today.
Someone recently penned an article that the useful idiots are back. Back in full force. The Russians, Chinese, George Soros, or whomever are behind them. Poking them. Stirring the pot. Funding them. The problem with our current day useful idiots, is they are as clueless as the useful idiots from yesterday. They are like puppets at the end of a string. And they are ruining the country. Nice job Lenin. Your brainchild continues to work in America today.
So, the High Court is dead. It may still meet, but it has lost it significance. It is a shame. We should have seen this day coming, as it has been coming for almost 50 years now. Good luck tomorrow Judge Kavanaugh, in making it over the hump. Just remember however, the useful idiots will NEVER leave you or your family alone.