Nice ‘n’ Neat — Part Four

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He said, hey Big G you said there's my problem
I'm not so sure 'bout what's true
He said I'll let you in on my big secret, Ray
The final truth is - there is no truth, and
Na-na-na-na, bop shoo wop shoo wop
Na-na-na-na, Oh-hey-yeah
That's the conclusion of the song "Nice 'n' Neat." The final truth is there is no truth. But we don't really believe that, do we? We're not talking about truth right now, though. The difference, as it always does, hangs on the question of truth vs. validity. Something that is valid flows directly from its premises. At bottom, everything we've seen from the Left in this entire saga flows from this construct:

It's the duty of good people to stop bad people from harming others
Conservatives generally, and Republicans in particular, are bad people
Brett Kavanaugh is both Conservative and Republican
Brett Kavanaugh must be stopped

If you believe, as many do, that this world is the only world we have, the political process is paramount. And if you believe people are bad, they must be stopped. For most of my life, I didn't believe political opponents were bad people per se. Having watched the way the political opponents of Brett Kavanaugh have behaved, I'm less likely to believe that now.

Of course, people who believe Kavanaugh must be stopped by any means necessary don't cavil. I don't see anyone on the Left who worries about the precedents that will follow this moment. The only question is winning. And if you have to burn down the village to save it, break out the ol' Zippo.

More to come.