Nice ‘n’ Neat — Part Two

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We were talking about parties and stupid behavior. Let's move ahead, to the summer of 1983. A bunch of us went to a drive-in movie. We brought beer and cherry bounce, a homemade concoction made from cherries infused in brandy. For reasons that still seem odd to me, one of the people along with us that day was an older woman who had been one of our teachers in high school. She was single and we were all drunk. I don't precisely remember the sequence of events, but as the night went on we left the drive-in and ended up at a tavern. Somehow, she and I started to make out, right in the bar. It started to get a bit more intense and, suddenly, she had enough and burst out of the bar and went home. And that was that. Nothing ever happened with her again, although I saw her numerous times over the rest of the summer.

The next summer, I remember going to a party about a mile from my house. This party was completely out of control -- booze and pot and cocaine were all available. Somehow I got into a conversation with a guy who claimed to be a drug dealer and, in a drunken stupor, I remember discussing the possibility of helping him sell drugs at my college. In my drunken state, that seemed like a fine idea. I never saw the guy again. I walked home and enjoyed the hangover I'd earned the next day. Later on, I found out one of my friends who had been at the party got busted for drunken driving.

Those were two events that, had things gone a little differently, could have significantly altered the course of my life. I am certain there are people in my life who could recall these two events. If I were a public figure and one of these individuals were looking to monetize their relationship, or to settle a score, it would be relatively easy for that individual to draw up an affidavit and speak of my deviant ways, now 35 years ago.

More to come.