Burnt up? Or not…

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"Will 2100 look like a blazing inferno on Planet Earth? Or will it just be another day at the office? I don't know. I won't be here. And I imagine most everyone reading this article will not be here then either."

Let me apologize in advance to my readers who get tired of me talking about climate change. But today, there were two articles in the morning fish wrap which made commenting on it way too delicious. For those who might be new to this blog, I am not a believer in man-made global warming. That being said, I think this normal fluctuation in our climate has been accelerated by us putting additional carbon in our atmosphere. But my position remains the same - our climate is constantly changing. Right now, we are in a period of change (again).
Okay - I am off my soapbox. In the paper this morning, were two articles on climate change. Both told us we were cooked - literally and figuratively. The first was on the death of our beloved National Park System. Once the crown jewel of our country, our parks are soon to be nothing but wasteland. Why? Too hot. The vast national parks in California will be laid to waste, due to changing vegetation and de-forestation. What little remains will be consumed by the annual, and massive, conflagrations. Glacier National Park will have to be re-named, as soon there will not even be an ice cube remaining in the entire park.
Then to put an exclamation point on that article, was another one. This one, (supposedly) came from the Trump Administration. It was even more dire. By the year 2100, the average temperature will rise 7 degrees. It will not be Armageddon, but close. The seas will rise, the massive coral reefs will disappear, and New York and Miami will be under water. But here was the real kicker in the article. This is all fixed. It is way too late. It is what it is. In other words, our great grand kids will have a hot time in the old town in 2100 - thanks primarily to our parents and grand parents burning all that fossil fuel.
Oh sure Bird! Blame every one, but your generation! No - we can take some blame. But our generation is also the one which started to "clean things up". To look for different fuels which are more abundant and much cleaner. The next generation (our kids) will finish the job. By the time they retire, our carbon footprint will look much, much different. But the temps will still rise. Or they won't. Remember, we still are technically in an ice age.
I enjoy reading articles about man-made global warming. I really do. I find them entertaining. Why? Not since the caveman crawled out of his cave and invented fire, has mankind as a whole been more committed to find the "better mouse trap" of energy. We are close - very close to a energy revolution. With transportation, with heating, with everything.
How do I know this? Read up on China right now. This once backwards, heavy coal burning country, is now committed to being the nation which discovers the holy grail of "new energy". They are sick, and sick to death of choking on their own soot. And they might beat us to the punch. Regardless of which country finds the secret key, this new technology will spread across the globe like (dare I say it?) - wildfire.
The proliferation of these gloom and doom articles will continue. Even though we are on the cusp of some real revolutionary transportation modes. Like 5 to 7 years away - maybe even sooner. I have addressed autonomous transportation many times before. However, despite all the good stuff we are doing, the climate hoax crowd will continue to try to make us all feel like turds in the punch bowl. Sorry - ain't going to work. We are smarter than that.
Will 2100 look like a blazing inferno on Planet Earth? Or will it just be another day at the office? I don't know. I won't be here. And I imagine most everyone reading this article will not be here then either.