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"Gone are the days where the Senate was suppose to be the 'adults' in the room. The ones, as Washington said, who were suppose to 'cool' the sometimes overheated House legislation. Now the Senate is as volatile as the House - maybe more so."

Horrible. Gut wrenching. Embarrassing. Oh, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Of what? Of descriptive terms I could use to describe yesterday. No - I did not watch much of it prior to 3 pm. We were doing uncomfortable family business (an appliance for daughter #1). As hosed up as that venture became, it was a blessing to do it. That way, I did not have to watch what turned out to be the unraveling of America. Yes folks - I did see enough of yesterday's mess to know we not only reached a tipping point, we sped right over it.
The outburst from Senator Graham said it all in my book. He called out the Democrats in no ambiguous terms. I wish he had said something else however, mixed in with his fiery rhetoric. The Judge mentioned it a couple times during his "inquisition". We turned a new page, in a new chapter yesterday. Things will never, ever be the same again. In so many ways.
If Justice Ginsburg should tip over next week, the search to find a replacement for her would be nothing like what we just witnessed. The "advise and consent" may not be dead, but the "live and in color" circus portion of it probably is. How would it be different? I have no idea.
And then, who would be picked? A woman? I dare say after the character rape that Judge Kavanaugh just went through, most male judges would have a second, third or forth thought about accepting an invitation from the President. We may not see another man nominated for the Supreme Court again - least not in our lifetimes.
But let me leave the entire Supreme Court vetting aside - for now. And talk about a much deeper issue. Our civil war. When the North Koreans meet with the South Koreans (who are ancient enemies), their discourse is much more civil than how Republicans and Democrats address each other. What am I talking about? Visceral hatred. Between fellow Americans. Not just dislike, a hatred like I have not seen before.
Folks, I don't want to sound like a panic merchant. I really don't. But after yesterday, I am more convinced than ever we are inches, maybe less, from this civil war going from cold to not lukewarm, but red hot. Why do I say that? This is what happens in any conflict. Once words fail (and trust me, they have failed a long time ago between the two sides), the next step is for punches to fly - or worse.
According to Thomas Jefferson, thought by many to be the father of the Democrat party, when government fails to fulfill its full purpose, the people have the right to (my words now), throw the bums out and replace them with new people. I think we have a whole lot of "bums" who need to thrown out of office. Term limits, elections, or otherwise.
Gone are the days where the Senate was supposed to be the "adults" in the room. The ones, as Washington said, who were supposed to "cool" the sometimes overheated House legislation. Now the Senate is as volatile as the House - maybe more so.
Can we make it to November, and then through November? I sure hope so. But right now this nation is dripping with accelerant, and the first match is ready to be thrown. By whom? Take your pick. This fight has been brewing since before Obama took office - and he just made it worse. What should we do? Stand by, and stay tuned.