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"Then, despite all the clamorous caterwauling which will be coming from the Senate floor, McConnell needs to have the full Senate vote. And if the Judge gets voted down? Have Judge Amy Coney Barrett warming up in the bullpen."

This may come as a shock to some, but it is true. I am not going to watch one minute of this charade on TV today. Not even a second. In fact, I don't even want to watch the news which will be replaying these hearings over and over and over again. Some pundits say these hearings will be tense with high drama. I say just the opposite. I know how it will end. A huge "nothing burger"
I remember when I first got into the field of negotiations, my boss gave me some sage advice - "Never telegraph your first punch". Or as the Godfather said, "Never let them know what you are thinking." The kooks on the Blue Team have forgotten that sage advice - either that, or they never learned it. They have done nothing but telegraph their first punch, their second punch and so on.
Any good defense lawyer knows one thing for sure. To win the day in a criminal case, he or she only needs to plant a shadow of doubt in one juror's mind. By the same token, the objective today is to make sure a squishy vote like Susan Collins, is given just that shadow of a doubt. Even though each of these three accusers have stories with holes one could drive a truck through, just one smidgen of a "maybe" might win the day for the Blue Team.
I wish one of the feminists would ask me if I believe these three paid actors - I mean victims. I would say, "Absolutely not!" And I will tell you why. First off, according to Dr. Ford (who was an inebriated 16 year old when this event allegedly happened), the 17 year old Kavanaugh held Fold down on the bed, covered her mouth with his hand so tightly, she thought she was going to die. Then he tried to get in her panties. Bull crap.
First off, when I was that age in high school, the joke was that the only thing which traveled faster than a speeding bullet was a guy's reputation. In other words, in my world back in the day, if a any guy had done that to any girl what the Judge was alleged to have done, the world would have known the very next day.
Also, if Dr. Ford was that "traumatized" by this event, where have you been honey? Hello? The Judge has been in the public lime light many times since then. 36 years is a hell of a long time to hold a "repressed memory". But who cares? Remember the prime objective. One smidgen of a doubt, in one Republican Senator. Do that, and it bye-bye Brett. Then if the Loons take back the Senate in November, and it will be bye-bye any more nominees for at least the next two years.
The other two paid actors I won't even address, as the Judge did it far better than I could. "This is Twilight Zone", said the Judge. Amen to that. This epidemic of "repressed memories" will vanish in a flash, should the Judge be voted down by the Senate. Why? Mission accomplished.
One more thing which I really must mention. Besides destroying Judge Kavanaugh's life, there will be another victim should the Senate reject the Judge. The FBI. Their reputation as investigators. How in the world, after 5 or 6 of these extensive FBI background investigations, could something as heinous as this "attempted murder" of the 16 year old Dr. Ford go un-noticed? And the numerous "rape trains" that actor number three is accusing the Judge of? I thought rape was a serious crime. Yet this paid actor said she had been to about ten of them. Ten! Saw the Judge at a few, as he was part of the "train". This one is so far fetched, it does not even deserve a BULLS**T!
So that is where we sit today. Not worth watching. It would be the honorable Judge against the dishonorable paid actor. No thanks. One final thought. A leopard does not change his spots. If the Judge was that abusive to women in his teens, he would have shown abusive tendencies to his wife also. That is why the Star Tribune is suing to have Keith Ellison's divorce proceedings unsealed. They want to find out if Ellison was abusive to his now ex-wife.
I will be happy when this event is over with. I sure hope Grassley holds the vote tomorrow, as promised. Then, despite all the clamorous caterwauling which will be coming from the Senate floor, McConnell needs to have the full Senate vote next week. And if the Judge gets voted down? Have Judge Amy Coney Barrett warming up in the bullpen.