Our great job conundrum….

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"The mouse chasing the cheese. Is that mouse the 'no skill' job seeker looking for good job opportunities? Or is the mouse the employer looking for skilled workers? Or is it both?"

These are the best of times if you are a job seeker. That is, if you are a job seeker with the right skill set. Oh heck - even if you have zero skills, McDonald's and Burger King will fall all over themselves to get you in their employment. Why is that? The stars are in the right alignment today. With the long predicted demographic change of baby boomers retiring, and a reduced birth rate, there are fewer mice chasing an increasing number of cheese bits. And with this red hot Trump economy, the number of cheese bits available has exploded.
How bad is it right now for employers? Some bad, others worse. None are good. In fact this month for the first time in many years, it was reported that the US Army fell thousands of folks short meeting its recruiting goals. Despite enlistment and re-enlistment bonuses galore. The reason in my opinion? Not enough qualified people are visiting the recruiting stations. Even though Trump is trying as hard as he can to get the "Obama salary depression" fixed for our service members, the Armed Forces are still competing with the private sector. The Selective Service might be getting warmed up in the bullpen.
I know, I know. Immigration advocates would look at this situation and try to make a case for more illegals. Sorry - wrong skill mix. We have an over abundance of folks with no skills coming across our borders right now. And an under abundance of engineers, scientists, and skilled laborers. Talk to anyone right now who owns a small business which does skilled work. Produces a product or service. They all are in the same boat and will tell you the same thing. Not enough qualified people in the job force.
The issue once again gets back to education. Yes, I need to pick this scab once again. Even though this is not a political article, I guess some politics must enter in. Our current education system is not working well. What? My opinion? Nope - the evidence is out there. We have not been, nor are now, and if we don't change, will not in the future - educating our kids for future jobs. Like a good quarterback (sore subject today), throwing a pass to a zone where the receiver will be after his cut, that is how we need to educate today.
To keep the football analogy up, currently we are throwing the ball to where the receiver is, before his cut. The ball flies to an empty zone, as the receiver is no longer there. Tim Walz has the philosophy of continuing to do just that. Keep over-funding this broken system. Jeff Johnson on the other hand, knows the current system is not only over-funded, but also "throwing the ball to the wrong zone". Jeff wants to fix our education system, and then properly fund it (likely, it will be cheaper).
If we don't fix our education system, our employment problems will persist, and only get worse. The world is moving at a rapid pace, and in the next five to ten years, changes will only happen faster. We will be bringing in more and more people from other countries on special work visas. Why? Without them, will not be able to fill the gap. We will have no other choice. Not if we want to remain a player in a world economy.
Pay attention folks to what is being taught in our local schools. It all starts there. If all we teach our kids is diversity, gender identification, warm fuzzies and cold pricklies - our problems will persist. However, if we really grasp programs like STEM and STEP, and start them early (like in 6th grade) - we will have a chance to fix this.
The mouse chasing the cheese. Is that mouse the "no skill" job seeker looking for job opportunities? Or is the mouse the employer looking for skilled workers? Or is it both?